How to insert a GIF into PowerPoint?

How to insert a GIF into PowerPoint
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Using an animated GIF during a presentation can have many benefits, including the ability to convey messages or demonstrate activities. They are also very humorous at times!

Inserting a GIF into PowerPoint can be done by first opening your presentation and clicking on the “Insert” tab. Find an image from which you want to copy the content, then select it using Microsoft’s built-in search function before pressing Enter or clicking elsewhere within this window so as not to slide back up while adding something else here!

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How to insert a GIF into PowerPoint

how to embed a gif in PowerPoint

When you’re looking for an easy way to add a little bit of humor or excitement into your presentation, PowerPoint is one tool that can help. There are many ways in which people have found success using this program’s features and tools – but if all else fails there’s always the Insert tab where we find our favorite GIF files! Just search “GIF,” select what kind (funny/cute) then click to open the selected file from local storage; done deal!


With just one click, you can have a hilarious or exciting GIF that will randomly appear in any PowerPoint presentation. The process is easy and simple: open your tool of choice (for this example we’ll be using Microsoft Office), go to “Insert” from within the app’s menu options on desktop devices, or select the Picture > Clipboard Images icon if working with mobile apps such as iPhone SE/6s Plus; find what type slap-hip witty comment about life being incredibly magnificent right now then choose whether it wants to stay visible by default throughout all future edits while retaining its original appearance only when needed–either way simply perfect


To add a picture to PowerPoint on Mac, first, open your presentation. Click the “Insert” tab and select ‘Picture’. Find the gif file you want to use from within this menu of options that appear and choose it by clicking them with each mouse button one at a time until they’re all highlighted green before tapping once more inside of Powerpoint’s editing area where we can see our newly added graphics fill up every inch!

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How to insert a GIF into PowerPoint

How to make a gif in PowerPoint

How to make a GIF in PowerPoint! First, open your presentation and go straight down to the tab labeled “Insert.” Click on Picture from there then find what you want as an image (GIF file) before clicking on the place it into this document. You can also record anything with video or take regular pictures by pressing the modifier key + Shift during recording time which will allow them access to all options available such as sound effects etc… When finished editing just hit play again until fully compiled – don’t forget about saving changes either.

How to insert a GIF into PowerPoint

how to stop a gif from looping in PowerPoint

To stop a PowerPoint GIF from looping, first, open your presentation and then click on the file you want to pause. Next, go down under ” Format,” and select Stop Playing from there after clicking its title bar (the one that says ‘ formats’) Now whenever someone clicks play all animations will finish playing but only once their animation has ended!

How to insert a GIF into PowerPoint

uses for gif in PowerPoint presentation

There are many uses for GIFs in PowerPoint presentations, including:

-Adding visual interest to slides

-Livening up text-heavy slides

-Making complex concepts more understandable

-Highlighting key points

-Providing a break from lengthy text

key takeaway

To insert a GIF into PowerPoint, first open your presentation. Click on the “Insert” tab and select Picture from the list of options at the top right corner to find what you’re looking for online or locally then click it once found (GIF files are usually named). The next step is easy; just drag and drop one onto wherever in this document makes sense! You can also make them by recording screens directly with programs such as software called Audacity which allows us humans access through audio tracks too – more about those later though if we want some extra creativity thrown into our workflows 😉

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