How to Make a Timeline on Google Slides?

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Honestly, I was thinking of a way to simplify my Content and have a better brand story I was thinking about this question for about two or three days. I am a concentrator and I’m always thinking about how to share my content with my audiences in the best way that I can so finally I understood that inserting a timeline into my presentations and blogs that I’m walking on it with Google slide can be a great visual for my audience.

Also, timelines are great for presenting chronological leads of events from the beginning to the end.

Before you start creating your timeline and I start learning to you there are certain actions that you had to do first write down the information you want to ask and please make sure you’re adding all the important information about that duration because it is much better not be crowded with lots of tags and callouts so you can be listening to this as a note for having a much better timeline. 


Is Google Slides The Best Way to Make a Timeline?

The good thing about google families such as google slides or google docs is that they are free as long as you have a good connection to the internet. I know that having a good connection cant be thought for so many people and this is kind of one of the disadvantages of google Slides but you shouldn’t forget that they are free and they give you lots of good features at the same time. 

the usage of this technique is notable for simple timelines, however, if you need to make something expert (speedy) without much attempt, it’d be on your high-quality hobby to apply a devoted timeline maker like Preceden.


1- Use a Timeline Template

In our first step, we are solving another problem. Of course that this problem belongs to specific people just let me give you an example I am a person who always has something to do and sometimes there are so many things that I should do before my presentations so I don’t have much time to customize some details for my presentation so for solving this problem Google slide has a quick solution is if you don’t have it time to spend creating your timeline dear from or you know there are some times that we don’t need to create our timeline or we don’t need a complicated graphic for a presentation we just need a diagram.

In these cases we can use one of the available templates and customize it in a way that we want doesn’t phase our requirements you can follow these steps to insert a timeline you’re grown into your Google slides presentation:


Step 1-

can you ask yourself to make sure that you are using the right slide when you are sure that you are using the right one you can open the insert menu and select yours.


Step 2-

From the right sidebar, pick the Timeline template.


Step 3-

Use the Dates and color drop-down menus to configure your diagram. Google Slides will adjust the previews while you exchange the color and the number of dates, so you can see the timeline’s layout.212.png

Step 4-

you can click on the timelines that you want and it depends on the template you select oh so you should know that they have different skills in Texas such as project names project manager task details and so on. here if you want to add more information to your timeline you can double-click the text fields.


Step 5-

yes you do use different colors if you need more clarity because I use them every time then I am creating a timeline if you want to change the color of the elements you can simply select and click on fill color from the toolbar oh so you should know that the colors already used for your timeline are listed below costume.

You have created a timeline for your presentation or even for the contents that you’re going to share also if you need any copy of your diagram for your different slides you can simply select Jacara to use the copy go to the other slide and simply paste them there no matter where you’re pasting it you can pay to sit anywhere that you want.


I’m sure that there are times that you can’t find a suitable timeline or you need a more customized timeline for your presentation and you don’t have much time or you don’t know how you can create one so in this case is a recommend you to work with an agency read having similar experiences in this field so you can trust them and you can tell them what you want and they will give you what you exactly want if you have other questions you can ask us and my colleague using Telus marketing are here for I help if you need any help you can call us and we will answer you as soon as possible.


2- Create a timeline from beginning 

The second way that I recommended to you is for the time is that you have suitable times to customize your timeline or you didn’t find any Google slides template that faced your requirements or either you need more customize options for your presentation and there exist Google slide template can’t help you here you can create a timeline from scratch using shapes call out and takes the box. Call sure it needs more time and more attention for the things that come out are exactly what you want.

Here’s how you can create a timeline in google slide:213.png

Step 1- 

Insert the timeline axis. From the toolbar menu, click Line. you could use any line style that you want. For this example, we will insert a straight line.


Step 2- 

With the road decided on, open the Line shade to choose its coloration. Then, visit Line Weight and set the thickness.


Step 3- 

add the shapes to include the dates. Open the Shapes drop-down menu from the Insert menu and pick which shape you need to use. you may use circles, rounded rectangles, hexagons, and so forth.214.png

Step 4-

 when you’ve introduced the form, resize it and use the Fill color, Border color, Border weight, and Border dash menus to customize it.


Step 5- 

when you are creating a timeline and rearranging these shapes, who is lives will show you your lies so you can place them in the same places and how they equal distance between them oh so you can copy and paste them according to the number of days you want to insert and it depends on you.215.png

Step 6-

 to add the callouts for every degree provided inside the timeline, go to Insert > Shapes > callouts and pick one that you like. alternatively, you may use any shape you need from the Shapes menu.


Step 7-

 Resize the call-out and edit the usage of the same gear that we mentioned above.


Step 8-

replica and paste it as often as wanted. Then, rearrange the callouts and the usage of the suggestions.


Step 9-

in case you don’t want to muddle the timeline, you may area the callouts on each aspect of the axis. right-click the callout and go to Rotate > flip Vertically. The flipped name-outs may have the textual content upside down. To restore it, insert a text field over them.


Creating a customized timeline can be tough or sometimes you can create a good timeline or geography for your presentation so in this case it’s much better to work for an agency that can help you a lot in this case you can call us and we will answer you in the first time that we can.

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