How to print powerpoint slides to fit whole page?

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Ready to get the most out of your PowerPoint presentation? Discover how to print multiple slides on one page with Microsoft’s top feature. Not only will you be able to save more pages, but you’ll also easily distribute them as handouts! It doesn’t matter what version of PowerPoint you’re using–we have some awesome tricks up our sleeve that even let you turn those printed documents into PDFs for extra convenience and security. Let’s take printing presentations from ho-hum…to WOW!.


Handout Printing Options


To ensure your PowerPoint handouts have the look and feel you envision, it’s important to understand all six printing options. From standard formats like portrait or landscape orientation to special print settings like color effects and background images, there is an endless array of possibilities available at your fingertips – each providing unique outcomes for making a presentation stand out from the rest!


1. Print slide numbers on handouts


Get ahead of the game with slide numbers! When you incorporate these beneath your thumbnails, it makes any presentation easy to follow – allowing everyone in attendance or on a call to quickly jump right into the conversation. This is especially useful if there are multiple slides being reviewed and discussed during talks. Make sure every participant knows which one is next by adding this simple yet effective feature when prepping for presentations!


2. Frame Slides 


Adding a black outline to slide thumbnails can help them stand out and be more easily viewed, especially if most of your slides are in shades of grey. Making this small adjustment can go a long way toward ensuring smooth presentations each time!


3. Scale to Fit Paper


With the Scale to Fit Paper option in PowerPoint, you can make sure your handouts look neat and professional without becoming an expert on all of the different paper sizes. By choosing this setting for printing slideshows, it will increase their thumbnail size as needed so that they’re legible no matter what page size you choose – whether small or large! Plus, other visuals like logos are also scaled down slightly which gives a nice balance between readability and design. For optimum results each time: always go with the Scale to Fit Paper choice!


4. High Quality


For the best results when printing your slides, my advice is to pick and choose between High-Quality mode or not depending on what kind of paper you’re using. When working with non-glossy materials, unselecting High Quality should save ink while still producing satisfactory thumbnails – but if it’s glossy stock material that needs to look especially crisp? You’d better make sure that box has been checked!


5. Print Comments


Let PowerPoint make your life easier by providing commentary and feedback directly on the slides you need help with! Printing comments ensures that both small details – ‘good job’ to major issues like formatting will be easily marked for a quick resolution. Afterward, all those notes are conveniently provided as a single backup page so it’s easy to see what changes were made.


6. Print Ink


Are ink annotations a good way to bring your presentation alive? During your live talk, why not take advantage of the interactive capabilities with annotated notes and diagrams that you can create on-screen? This gives printouts an extra edge by enabling them to show off any personalized touches. Let PowerPoint help make every printed version look perfect – just tell it how far you want these special details included in the final product!


Printing Multiple Slides on One PDF Page


Give your PowerPoint presentation an extra edge with Microsoft Print to PDF! It’s easy — just navigate to the File menu, click on print and select how many slides per page you want. Then open the Printer dropdown menu and choose ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’. Click ‘Print’, save it in an accessible location of your choice, name the file accordingly – et voilà: stunning handouts that will wow your audience. Try it today for a more professional finish.


Printing multiple slides on one page


Master PowerPoint quickly and easily with our amazing Pro Membership! With one affordable monthly price, you get access to all of the best speed training courses and resources – plus a few extra bonuses that will help make your presentations even better. Already know how to work the basics? Take it up a level by learning how to print out slides in handouts at four per page using our simple instructions. Then show off those pro-level presentation skills!




Looking to change up your PowerPoint presentation? Hop into the backstage view by clicking on that all-important File tab. From there you can access various options, such as saving and printing, for a new take on an old project!




Unlock the power of printing with one simple click! Dive into a world of options in the Print group when you switch to the backstage view. Get creative and explore how far your printer can take you!




Unlock a world of design possibilities – explore the Layout Options dropdown to discover all your handout choices!




Planning for your presentation? Take advantage of the Handouts section to get a live preview and make sure it looks just as you intended! With four slides per page, you can be certain that nothing gets overlooked.




Ready to get the job done? After you’ve made your selections, it’s time to hit Print! If this is something that often crops up in your work routine, then remember: Ctrl + P for PCs or Cmd +P for Macs. This handy shortcut ensures a smooth printing process whatever program you’re using – from Microsoft Word and Excel all the way through to any other software.

Bypass the mouse and save time with a few easy steps to print your PowerPoint handouts. Get creative by customizing options like 6 or 9 slides per page, in horizontal or vertical layout! Then marvel at the live preview on the right of the dialog box as you see it come together – tweak any formatting through Handout Master if needed for perfect results every time.


By increasing the number of slides printed per page, you can save precious trees and reduce paper consumption. However, this action could have an adverse effect: shrinking your thumbnails down to a hard-to-read size. To better understand how handouts will look with different layouts, check out the next section!

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