How to Set an Expire Date When Show to Set an Expire Date When Sharing in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides?haring in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides?

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How to Set an Expire Date When Sharing in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides?

Google has introduced the ability to set an expiration date for files in Google Drive, Docs, and Sheets. This will ensure that your organization’s data is secure. You can set an expiration date to share your slideshow, document, or spreadsheet with customers, clients, and vendors for a limited time. This feature is great for limiting access and only allows comment and view permissions. This article will show you how to set a password and expiration date for sharing sheets online.



Setting the Expiration Date for sharing sheets online

These steps will help you select a date for sharing files with sheep online.

  1. You can open the sheep online from your computer.
  2. You can open a file that you wish to share.
  3. Click the Share button.
  4. Click on Anyone can edit file option.
  5. Click on the Set expiration date.
  6. You can choose a date that suits your needs.
  7. Push on the Apply button.


Access roles in setting an expiration

Access roles will be affected by an expiration date.

  • If the file supports Published viewer, you can set an expiration date for files.
  • You can set expiration dates for viewers and commenters for folders. An editor’s role in a folder changes to the viewer if they are given an expiration date. You can change the role of an editor to a commenter without affecting the expiration date.\


You can add, change, or remove an expiration date. First open a file in Google Drive.

  1. Click on Share.
  2. Locate the user, and click the Down Arrow > Add expiration.
  3. Click Send to accept the 30-day expiration.
  4. You can change the default expiration day for Access by clicking Edit and selecting the date from the calendar.
  5. Click Remove expiration.
  6. Click Done, then Send.


For a File, set an expiry date.

Open the application containing the file you wish to share. The feature is also available for paid Google account holders in Google Docs Sheets Slides Slides and Drive.

Once the document is open, click the Share button at the top. To set an expiration date, you must have shared the document already with the person. If you still need to add them, do so immediately. You can then change the access.

Click on the Permission drop-down to the person’s right side and select Give temporary access. You can change the permission status of an editor user to commenter if you have previously granted them Editor privileges. If you wish, you can also grant them Viewer access.



Google Docs Temporary Access

The calendar will open and allow you to select the expiration date. The time cannot be adjusted; it defaults to 11:59 pm on the date selected.


Select an expiry date

Once you are done, click Save to save the changes.


Click to save the change.

To review the people you share with or add them to your list, click on the Share button. A watch icon will appear next to any person to whom you have temporarily granted access.


Google Docs Temporary access icon

You can change or remove the expiration date at any time before the expiration date.

Click Share, then use the drop-down menu next to the person to select Edit Temporary Acces.


Google Docs Temporary Access Edit

Click the button to change the date and use the pop-up calendar. You can also click Remove expiration to remove the temporary access.


Temporary Access Change

When you are done editing the expiration date or removing it, click Save and then click Done.

Google Apps: Share with an expiration date.

Temporary access is ideal when you only want access to a document for a short time. This could be a document that you need others to see before a deadline or is changing quickly. Remember to set an expiration date when you share in Google Docs Sheets Slides and Drive.

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