How to Use Q&A on Google Slides?

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How to Use Q&A on Google Slides?

Google Slides is a powerful tool for creating and hosting Q&A sessions. It enables presenters to connect with their audiences to continue the conversation long after the presentations have ended, which can lead them into a more insightful discussion about what was discussed during that time slot on stage!

Google Slides is a great tool for hosting Q&A sessions. You can allow your audience to submit questions, which you will then answer or discuss while presenting live with them in real-time! They also have an interactive feature that lets people cast votes during the session – making it very much like being their face-to face. 

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Why Should You Use the Q&A Feature on Google Slides?

With Google Slides’ Q&A feature, you can post questions for students and ask them in turn! You could use this tool at staff meetings or during Meet the Teacher night. It’s also possible to flip roles – so that instead of posting on-demand content like lectures from your classroom online (which might get old fast!), now parents will be able to see what it is exactly that we’re teaching their kids while they are away from school every day.

The best thing about using google slides’ question & answer platform? Students always have something new coming through; no matter how many times I watch Netflix together as a family tonight.


Morning Meeting Slides:

The Morning Meeting discussion slides let your 25+ second graders share their answers to engaging questions. “What is your favorite thing about school?” OR “What do you like to do at recess?” will get them engaged and practicing writing skills while they wait for the next slide show!


Meet the Teacher Slides:

To give your parents a great experience this year, make sure you have all of their questions answered ahead of time! That way when they ask something during one of those long meet-the-teacher sessions or back-to-school presentations in person – just whip out the laptop and show them how it’s done. And if any points need more clarification on screen for reference later down low – super easy because everything is right at hand without having to search through pages upon endnotes looking fruitlessly.

When you are presenting new material in class, your students will have questions. Rather than interrupting the lesson to answer them all at once or individually as they come up with answers themselves (which can take ages), type their queries into Google’s Q&A feature so that we don’t miss out on important insights!


Step 2: Use Presenter Mode

Click the “Present” button to open your presentation in a new window. Click on the arrow next to Presenter View and choose if you want it alongside all of the other windows or just full-screen mode for easier viewing!


Step 3: Engage Audience Tools

Next, click on Audience Tools in the Presenter View screen. On means, you’re accepting questions from just people who have access to your presentation or it’s available online for anyone that wants to see what is being shown during this event! Go down at bottom of the page and choose Start Now button which will start live streaming video directly onto the YouTube channel where all presentations are stored – including yours if they’ve been uploaded yet 🙂


Step 4: Share the Presentation and Website Address

The device screen will display a website address. Parents and students go to the site on their own devices, where they can watch you present from anywhere in the world as long as it has internet access!


Step 5: Start the Q&A!

As a teacher, you know that every child wants to share their story with the class. But when it’s time for them all to get up in front of everyone else and tell what they remember from last week’s homework assignment – well let’s just say some shy kids would rather not answer any questions at all! Luckily we’ve got an easy way around this problem: Google Slides.

This interactive presentation program allows students anonymity if desired by checking one box on each question/problem addressed during Q&A slides so nobody has to avoid being called upon because his or her name might show up online afterward anyway (depending).

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Step 6: Review the Questions and Answers

The answers to all of your questions are right in front if you go back and check under the audience tools. If one answer stands out, just click present while viewing it so everyone can see what’s going on! This also works well when there are people who haven’t heard before asking things like “how do I get started?” Simply select answer(s) then hit enter–they’ll hear everything said word-for-word (and beautifully).

The questions will still be there after the presentation, just like they were before. You can see them in one place with tools that let you access your past presentations and saved responses (or answers).

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