Instagram reel ideas for business – Best 10 effective ideas

Instagram reel ideas
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Reels offer business owners many opportunities to reach new customers. Instagram Reels quickly became one of the most popular features. Instagram, like many other social media platform’s has kept its features up-to-date and has changed with the times. Reels are a great way to increase awareness and engagement. It takes some planning and effort to come up with video ideas. This requires creativity. If you have trouble with creating these short video’s, this article can help.

How to use Instagram reels in your business?

The first step in achieving success on Instagram is to know how to create informative and engaging reels. Canva is a tool that allows you to create reels and schedule them. But the key to Instagram reel’s success is how to reach your target audience.

There are three ways to use Instagram Reel’s to increase brand engagement in your marketing strategy

  • Create original content
  • Share educational material
  • Display products/services you offer


Instagram reel ideas for business

Get started by introducing yourself and your business

Make a few reels that show viewers who you really are and what your business stands for. This is a great way build trust and establish your authority in your industry. This will allow you to build trust with your followers, attract new fans and help you gain more trust.


Display your products and services

One simple way to make a business reel is to create a video in which you point to imaginary places around you. Then add text to the screen to list what your business does or how it helps your customers.

You can make your video more effective by adding transitions to text entries and being extra careful with facial expressions. A voiceover recording might be an option.

This is a great way of creating super-fast, easy to digest content that highlights your specific offering. Rather than sending people to long web pages that go into the nuts and bolts, the reel content generates immediate engagement that can be supplemented with longer-form content on the website.


Invite participation

Your Reels will perform better the more engagement you have. You don’t need to wait for comments to start rolling in. Create Reels that encourage interaction instead. Letterfolk, a type-oriented home goods company, did it right with their St. Patrick’s Day Reel. Their product is showcased in an eye-popping animated video. The Reel encourages viewers to interact with it by taggin’ someone they are lucky to know.


Project start to finish

You might want to show your audience a glimpse of some of your projects. To do this, use a time-lapse setting to record yourself working on something from the planning stages until the final product.

This reel may take longer to make because it could take several weeks or months to complete. An Instagram reel cannot be longer than 60 seconds so make sure to keep it short. You don’t have to include too much content to make it look amazing!

You could also take short clips of your day while you are working on Adobe projects. This will allow you to show how you go about designing.

Get behind the scenes

Show off some behind-the scenes magic. You can also create some B-roll footage if you are setting up a shoot. There’s a good chance that people are curious about how things work. So take the time to explain it to them. This content can be used to spark conversation and help you learn more about your fellow humans.


Display your Workspace

You can show off your workspace in your video content, whether you work at home or at the office.

You can show your workspace by paning across the entire room. Show your favorite parts and tools of trade (e.g. stationary, furniture calendar, laptop).

People have unique work spaces. Many people are famous for their stand-up desks that have treadmills and amazing panoramic views.

Employee spotlight and community (meet the staff)

Give your brand a face by letting your team members shine in the spotlight. This will allow you to build a stronger relationship with your audience and team, since people will be acknowledged and given credit for their efforts.

Recommend softwares or tools

Many businesses will keep their secrets of success secret because they know there are essential tools and software that every industry uses. Sharing your key tools and softwares with other businesses will encourage them to interact with your content.

Agency staff, such as us, will often recommend the platforms that we use for social media management and social media marketing.

This position you as an expert and adds value for your processes. Potential clients will see that they are paying more than the deliverable. It’s also the process, expertise and costly platforms.

These Instagram story reels are easy to make and take very little time. Simply screen record the tools or screenshot them, and add music overlay and text/a voiceover.


Use <VS>

Brands who are not afraid to express themselves authentically will always find an audience. This is possible with the Instagram Reels video format.

You can use audio, text, and facial reactions in your own Reels to share and debunk myths and hot takes. Although it might seem too specific, these posts are very popular.

Honesty is appreciated by clients and customers. Your peers might be more likely to engage with you.

Compare and decide which one is better: ** vs**

A brand/tool/software comparison reel can help other businesses in your sector and your customers to select the best product.

To make an accurate comparison, consider the key advantages and disadvantages of each.

We might, for example, compare Webflow vs WordPress, HubSpot or Mailchimp at Beyond.

Sometimes we might recommend softwares outside our industry-tools. These could help optimize workflows (like, or streamline communication management (e.g. VideoAsk, or a great way to manage projects (such as Notion).


Features Customers in Your Videos

Customers’ testimonials are valuable. However, featuring them in your reels can make a bigger impact. These Reels video content can be used as social proof. They help people see that real people use your products and services. If you own a bridal shop, show customers trying on different dresses. Ask your viewers to tell you which dress the customer chose.

Not all customers will be ready to star in your Reels. To avoid complaints, always ask permission from the customer before you publish a video.

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