Make your powerPoint presentations easy to read: tips and tricks

Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Easy to Read: Tips and Tricks
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Visual aids are a great way to help your audience understand and remember the points you’re trying to convey. Choose visuals that are clear, and simple enough so everyone can understand them without any difficulty or confusion on their part (remembering what we said about clarity), and make sure they support our message!

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Use a dark font on a light background for easy readability:

When it comes time for your next PowerPoint presentation, using a dark font on a light background will help ensure that the text becomes easier and more legible.

Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Easy to Read: Tips and Tricks

Limit the number of text slides to 5-7 per presentation:

The key to making sure your audience can follow along with ease and understand every detail of what you’re presenting is limiting the number of text slides in each presentation. For example, if there are 15 total slide changes throughout a 30-minute talk then only use six or seven – no more!

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Stick to a simple, legible font like Arial or Helvetica:

When deciding on the perfect font for your PowerPoint presentation, it’s important to keep in mind that people are watching. Heading titles and captions should be simple yet informative so they can easily understand what you’re talking about without having trouble following along with all of this new information! Arial or Helvetica would make excellent choices here since both have clean lines which will look great at small sizes but also stand out nicely when enlarged by magnifiers such as TV screens/projectors during meetings where everyone has seen everything before.

Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Easy to Read: Tips and Tricks

Use clear and concise language, avoiding complex jargon:

Make your slides as clear and concise as possible by using simple language. Avoid using complex jargon that can be difficult for people who don’t understand it, or even worse- they’ll think you’re talking about something else entirely!

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Use images and graphs sparingly to break up the text and add visual interest:

Including images and graphs in your presentation can help to break up the text, and add visual interest. However, it is important not to use them too often so as not to overwhelm audience members with all this extra content!

Make Your PowerPoint Presentations Easy to Read: Tips and Tricks

Preview your presentation beforehand to check for errors and ensure legibility:

When you’re finished creating your presentation, be sure to preview it beforehand and check for errors. This is also an opportunity to make sure that the text on slides are legible!


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