Social media design trends | 2022

Social Media Design Trends | 2022
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Simply, being trendy means being pervasive and being noticed. Trends aren’t seeing into the future, but movements in design that have gained enough traction and enough usage to be recognized as something that is trending.

Trends aren’t always brand new. In fact, very few of them have never been done before.

here are some of the  most popular social media design trends:

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Social Media Design Trends

Traditionally, design activity has been heavily focused on humans, but artificial intelligence has evolved this scenario. AI designers work with engineers who create the tools for this data collection and annotation and design the platforms that enable this to streamline efficiency and make a high-quality data collection. In some cases, designers help with data collection when more automated methods won’t work.

The design might not be great, but it’s important because even though it’s a bit messy and primitive, you need to remember it will only get better and sophisticated over time.


Social Media Design Trends

  • Galaxy themed designs

One of the most important graphic trends is the use of shades of blue, purple, and black. Designs that generally give us the feel of a galaxy.

These colors and shades are not only familiar to the audience, but also in smart devices and screens that display colors and spectra with high resolution and quality, It looks brighter and more beautiful.


  • Nostalgia

People say that nostalgia is a beautiful liar, but as we go along, we are eager for memories of the past.

Medieval, Roman and Egyptian designs are some of the most important nostalgias that people all around the world know and when they see it, a story will be shaped in their minds.

Social Media Design Trends

  • 3D designs typography

Both design and typography can add depth to any art. Templates, fonts, avatars, and 3D graphics give a realistic effect to any image. Another design trend that adds a realistic effect to images is 3D typography. This process gives life and depth to flat objects or designs. Graphic designs can be suitable for print projects or web projects.

Designers need to focus on creating simple designs and incorporating them into texts that are easy to read. This makes everything look clear as well as delicate.

The trend of 3D design is not a new phenomenon, but it becomes more and more attractive every year. This design style is the method that has made the most of modern advances and software capabilities.

Social Media Design Trends

  • Memes

The first social media trend you should know about is that it is not very new and you do not need to have a lot of activity on social media to hear its name. But it has also gained popularity in recent months and very quickly. We are talking about the emergence and growth of memes.

Today, people spend many hours of their day on social media. So it’s natural to be intrigued by seeing funny and interesting content, which in this case it is memes.


  • Layout

The layout is a term in graphic design that refers to the composition and arrangement of elements in an image.

In this article, we mean the type of layout of posts on platforms such as Instagram. Layout creates special order and pattern in the whole page and attracts the viewer’s attention. Today, most Instagram business accounts use an attractive layout to be special.


  • Minimalism

Over the past few years, minimalism has grown to such an extent that it has persuaded many large corporations, usually tech companies, to use it throughout their landing page.

To do this, you can create simple designs with minimal details, on white pages, to give your designs a minimal look.


  • Use heavy but simple fonts

Heavy (bold and thick) but simple fonts are a good trend to use in social network graphics. A heavy pen can be an added attraction for simple graphic designs that are commonly used by big brands.

The main point when using such text and fonts is that they should not be used too much. It can only be used for headlines and important phrases that need to grab the audience’s attention. If all your fonts and text are heavy and bold then nothing is.


Social Media Design Trends

  • Classical fonts

Serif fonts are those old-fashioned fonts that have their own fans and are still in use. These fonts date back to the 15th century and are usually used to inspire classic, stylish, and reliable and are nostalgic. For this reason, many companies, especially financial companies, use these fonts.


  • Slide collections on social media

This is exactly the trend that was very popular in late 2020 and ironically, it is also the trend of 2021. Many people share slide posts on Instagram and LinkedIn, which is a form of visual communication and conveys more messages than simple posts. The important thing is that Instagram and LinkedIn social networks seem to have slide posts. Display more than a single photo for public viewing.


  • Muted colors

It may not be believable that muted color palettes can easily open a place in the hearts of great designers due to the cold and soulless feeling they induce in the audience, but with the development of various industries, especially graphics, over the years, these attractive colors are friendly. Little by little, they gained their origin.

These colors, known as muted colors, create a nostalgic feeling in the audience.

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  • Quotes

Quotation among content types has been shown to have a high chance of success on many social networks.

You will find many accounts on social media that have attracted and grown a large audience simply by collecting and publishing quotes from great people and celebrities.

One of the reasons many professional businesses use Instagram quotes is to engage with the audience and connect more deeply with them, but you can use it in whatever way is best for your brand.

Quotes can be used in many different ways, which is why it has been one of the biggest trends in recent years.


  • Text-heavy videos

One of the biggest social media trends in recent years is making videos with text.

By watching these videos, the audience pays attention to what is written, and also their mind is stimulated by seeing related images.

This also helps the audience understand the content better, and the producer receives more feedback.

Just be careful not to write too much text in the video so that the audience can follow the content and understand it.

Social Media Design Trends

  • Abstract images

Think of abstract and dreamy images that are exactly the opposite of realistic images with exaggerated proportions and unusual non-color combinations. This trend can be especially effective on social media, as it quickly attracts attention and can encourage readers to spend more time on your social media posts.

Every year, newer trends enter the world, and with their arrival, the old trends gradually disappear. One thing to keep in mind is that you should not cling to dead trends, but change should be embraced.

Always look for new social media design trends so you can be at the top of your game.



We know that it can be hard to keep up with all of the latest design trends. Social media platforms are constantly changing and evolving, which means you need a marketing partner who understands how to stay on top of these changes in order to create an engaging social experience for your customers.

It’s important for your social media design to be unique and stand out from the crowd. If you want to learn more about this topic or need help with designing a new website, contact us today! We have experts waiting on standby to create an amazing visual identity that will captivate your current and potential customers!


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social media design services

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