The most important social media graphic design pricing

The most important social media graphic design pricing
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If you have a business, you must be wondering how much does a graphic design costs. There are many different people and groups in the market whose main focus is on graphic works such as logo design. Each of these individuals or groups has its own different and unique logo design tariffs that depend on the criteria and parameters that are important to them in determining the price.

A great graphic designer can help draw the customer’s attention to the website, brochures, advertisements, social media, and other business media by creating visual appeal.


The most important social media graphic design pricing

The most important social media graphic design pricing indicators


  1. Type and complexity of services

well, we should know that determining the traffic of our works depends on many things and we have lots of factors that can change the price as an example the more the complexity and difficulty of the work, the higher the cost.

but I can said it to you that are other things that matter for example you should know that designing a logo is very different from designing a series of Instagram posts, and a whole website design. Therefore, a different rate is set for each of them.

Of course, the cost of designing a logo for a large company is different from a social media graphic design.

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  1. How you do the design

just think about it, the first that I think about the cost it comes to my mind is doing it change from the methods that we use? the answer is yes, The cost will differentiate by using different methods to do the designs.

Are you going to do the design yourself using free and cheap online tools? Do you want to hire a professional? Or sign a contract with an institute, or leave the work to a freelance designer?

You need to research each of these options before deciding on one and see which one suits you and your needs the best.

Remember, you will receive services as much as you spend.


The most important social media graphic design pricing indicators

  1. The designer’s workspace and country

Well, in a way, the discussion here is drawn towards freelancers, why now? Well, because different countries may get different prices depending on their development, this is one reason that can cause price differences between designers. It is possible that a designer from a developed country can do the same work at a higher price, so you can ask freelancers to work for you at a lower cost.

I mean the average salary and cost of living in some countries are much lower than in advanced consulting, and the cost of their social media graphic design will also be lower. You can ask a freelance designer for a low-cost job, which again will cost the designer in developing countries differently from experts in developed countries.

  1. Number of prototype samples

In my opinion, this is one of the reasons that few people talk about and consider it important, but it really affects the price change. Now, how many choices you give to the employer will cause the price to change, now the employer may ask you to provide two or three prototypes for the final selection. The higher the number of prototypes, the higher the design cost.

  1. Used materials

we have this in many jobs and I’m sure that you were aware of it. The better and more expensive the materials and tools used in your graphic design, the higher the price will be. This is connected directly to the quality of work. The better the materials, the better the quality of the work.

You cannot expect good social media graphic design if expect the designer to use cheap materials.


The most important social media graphic design pricing indicators

  1. Planning and time management

One thing that has always been important to me is to find a good designer to do my work and then give this good designer the right time to deliver my work. You should know that the time you see the designer and the total time it takes to deliver the project to you affects the pricing of that project.

so Be careful to submit your design projects to a good designer and give the designer enough time to complete the project.

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  1. Number of edits

The good thing about this case is that it happens to all designers, even the best designers have to edit 4 or 5 times, and it’s nothing strange, and the price can change depending on the number of edits they do.

It is also possible to edit the graphic design after finishing the work. Therefore, the client must discuss the number of edits with the designer before giving the job. The more the number of edits, the more the cost.

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  1. The designer

in my opinion, One of the most important factors influencing a social media graphic design price is its graphic designer. This is quite obvious cause if you decide to work with a very famous and renowned designer, or the graphic designer you are considering is very professional and experienced, you will definitely have to pay for it. However, if the designer of your choice is not very popular, there is no need to pay high fees. This does not mean that the work of anonymous designers is bad or that the work of famous designers is excellent, but it is a custom that is observed in pricing. This is also true for design companies, and if you want to outsource your work to a reputable company, you will have to deal with their professional graphic design price, which will definitely not be below.


To give you a better idea of a social media graphic design price, let’s see how much the prices are in different countries:


Beginner design

Mid-level design Experienced design Logo design

Website design


$25-$50/ hour

$27-$38 /hour

$65-$150/ hour




$17.27/ hour


$74/hour $5000 – $30,000

$10,000 – $75,000+


$9-$15/hour $15-$25/hour $30-$50/hour ₹5,00,000 – ₹10,00,000+

₹7,000 – ₹10,000



$12-$25/hour $25-$30/hour $12-$2395




$45-$55/hour $65-$90+/hour $50-$100000

$5,000 to $10,000+


£150-£200/day £250-£275/day £300-£400/day £150-£50000

£1,000 and £5,000


he most important social media graphic design pricing indicators

  • USA

Standard logo design:

  • A designer: $100 – $850.

Variation within that range is because of the number of logo options that are mocked up, revision cycles, whether you start from a template or from scratch, and of course, the experience level of the designer.

Instagram post:

  • Beginner designer: $5 – $10 per post
  • Experienced designers: $40 to $65.

It depends on the time or content required in a given post.


Social media graphic design packages:

  • A normal package of social media graphics: $50 and $650.


Hourly graphic design:

  • Experienced graphic designers: $65 to $150 per hour.
  • Entry-level freelance design: $25 to $50 per hour.
  • Basic website design:$5,000–$7,500.

The price is for an average high-quality site with 5-6 pages. Web design rates vary a lot by the number of pages, whether the site is custom or built from a template, and the complexity of the design.


  • Canada

Basic Logo Design Price Canada

  • Logo makers: $0 – $50.
  • Logo template: $5 – $100.
  • Logo Contests / Crowdsourcing: $50 – $500.


Mid-Range Logo Design Price:

  • Offshore Designer: $100 – $250.
  • New Freelancer: $100 – $1000.
  • Experienced Freelancer: $1000 – $5,000.
  • Reputed Freelancer: $5000 – $15,000.
  • Small Design Studio: $5000 – $30,000.
  • Mid-Sized Agency: $5000 – $50,000+.


he most important social media graphic design pricing indicators

  • India

  • Basic designer: $9-$15/ hour.
  • Mid-level designer: $15-$25/hour.
  • Expert designer: $30-$50/hour.
  • Website handling (per page): $20 to $67.
  • Website design: ₹7,000 – ₹10,000.
  • Logo design: ₹5,00,000 – ₹10,00,000+.
  • Malaysia
  • Graphic designer: $12 to $25. (per hour)
  • Freelance graphic designer: $5 to $15. (per hour)
  • Junior graphic designer: $3 to $12. (per hour)


  • Australia 

Freelance Rates:

  • Junior designer: $25-$35/hour.
  • Mid designer: $45-$55/hour.
  • Senior designer: $65-$90+/hour.


he most important social media graphic design pricing indicators

  • UK

Freelance Rates:

  • Junior: £150-£200 (day rate).
  • Mid: £250-£275 (day rate).
  • Senior: £300-£400 (day rate).



so as we read in this blog The most important thing in logo design is finding a professional and experienced designer. I know that many people today work as logo designers, and you have to consider whether these ideas are worth the time and money.

As I’ve mentioned, there are many options on the table for a graphic design project. You should make an informed decision based on the needs and quality of the available options and then use the graphic design tariff guideline.

If you have the budget and conditions, it is best to have a regular graphic designer or contract with a design agency on a regular basis, and if you faced any problem during it please tell us my colleague in temis marketing will help you the best way that they can to solve your problem.


social media design services

social media design services

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