Top 11 Usability Testing Mistakes that you may face with them

Top 11 Usability Testing Mistakes that you may face with them
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This article will not teach you how to conduct usability testing correctly. A career in Service Design and Product Design has included usability testing. Also, you have had the chance to test various usability methods, including remote, moderated, unmoderated, and in-person testing. You will learn how to improve usability testing from mistakes and those of other designers.

It is simple to conduct usability testing. Participants are asked to test the application and collect data. Then, they will be able to identify areas that can be improved. Sometimes, observers or testers make mistakes that could lead to a critical defect. In this article, you will learn about common errors that can occur during usability testing.

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What is Usability testing?

It’s about getting people to use your website, app, or any other product you have created, and then observing their reactions and behavior (user testing). You can start by recording session recordings or rent a lab equipped with eye-tracking equipment to test your usability. Usability testing is essential to create an enjoyable, effective, and efficient user experience.


Usability Testing Mistakes


Test with the Wrong Audience

It is the process of identifying the intended users to use the application. Tester’s often uses friends’ and coworkers’ assistance to perform usability tests. This saves time. These results are not valid. Before selecting users, it is crucial to conduct proper screening. Provide the client with the requirements for users. These should clearly state the types of users you want and those you prefer to avoid.



Many tester’s need to be made aware of the importance of a Usability test. It is a way to improve the appearance and feel of the application. Because usability testing is about something other than design, testers often need help to see that it is about the user’s experience while using the application. It includes both user experience and how the application works. Usability testing is designed to identify the areas where users are frustrated by the application’s design and functionality.


Inadequate planning

Planning the entire testing phase is the most important aspect of usability testing. It is often overlooked by testers that user experience testing is so important. They either don’t plan well or have minimal time. It is crucial to plan appropriately to avoid critical bugs and poor user experience’s. This includes the goal, testing methods, questions to ask, and who will be testing.


Not asking the right questions.

I will be a mistake if your testing goals were achieved and you don’t ask users relevant questions about their experiences. Users might have problems during the test, and the results won’t be significant.

Without an objective, the user will interact with your business and accomplish nothing. You may ask questions that are not actionable or meaningful. This can cause problems with your test.

If the goal is to locate issues with navigation on your website, the user should be asked how many times it took to reach a page and how difficult it is to find a resource.

It would help if you created the questions that you ask users based on your goals. Take the time to identify any areas of your business that may need attention before you run a usability AB testing.


Only one Usability Testing Phase

When more than one phase of usability testing is performed during the development phase, it makes usability testing more effective. If the test is done after the design phase has been completed and a major bug is discovered, it will require a lot more work to correct the bug. To ensure that every project is successful, it should have at least two testing phases. One during development and one after development is complete.

You should not miss the pilot test.

A pilot test is a rehearsal where a friend or colleague plays the role of an end user. This test helps to identify potential planning mistakes and correct them before the testing phase starts. Pilot tests should be conducted before the end user takes part in testing.


Test at the Last Moment

Usability testing is often left until a project’s life cycle ends. This can lead to a delay in project delivery and a loss of reputation. Ideally, usability is done alongside the development phase so that any bugs are detected immediately.

One-way Testing

Participants work with observers in many usability testing labs to test the application. This can lead to undesirable behaviors, which can harm the testing phase. You can opt for a one-way mirror procedure. This allows participants to be unaware that someone is watching them while they test the application.

Tasks should be properly designed

The design of the tasks has a significant impact on test results. Proper phrases and guidelines will help participants execute the testing effectively, make it easier to spot errors, and speed up the process.


Use technical language

We assume that users understand our business just as well as we do. Because we spend so much time on the business and all the details, it becomes second nature to use technical terminology that most people don’t understand.

Participants will only be able to grasp what you’re trying to say if you explain your products clearly. The feedback you receive from participants will be less understanding if they don’t know what you are asking them or how they use it.

It is essential to think user first. You are not talking to developers or coders but people who need help understanding your business. Common words and synonyms can be used to describe the technical details of your company. Ensure the respondents know what you are asking to get the best results.

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Testing Potential Solutions

While usability testing can be useful in identifying errors, it does not provide solutions. Designers and developers are equipped with multiple solutions to solve a problem when it is discovered. It is essential to find the best solution that does not affect other functionality or performance and will not increase the load on the system.

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