Top 7 UI and UX Design Agencies to Choice – September 2023

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UI/UX design companies are like the beating heart of modern business and technology, UI/UX design companies play a critical role in today’s business. Having a list of the best UI UX design agency in 2023 is kinda subjective. You can choose between many of them based on your needs and the services they suggest to you. You need to be aware of the crucial factors in choosing a UI/UX design agency to select the right one for your company. We don’t want to rank UI UX design services companies in the prepared list of this article, we are just introducing to you some of the most famous and successful of them based on the awards, feedback of users, and their portfolio in September 2023.

As we searched and studied, it seems that most of the small companies (business) and startups doesn’t have a reliable or powerful UI/UX design department in their structure, so in these cases, they can get help from the top UI UX design agency in the world to solve their problems in UI and UX design by UX consultants, User research and, other services they provide.

Best UI/UX design agency in 2023


Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Temis marketing company started their journey in 2019. Temis Marketing is known as a specialized UI UX design company for the best UI UX design services. They have an expert team of designers and developers with unique talents in creating services and projects that make them reliable and trustful partners for companies and startups to improve their online presence.

Temis design team includes experts and designers, marketers, developers, and content creators. The company conducts comprehensive research about the business, market, clients and competitors to create digital products and services for marketing purposes. They use sophisticated tools based on their customer’s demands and requirements for UI UX designs, graphic designs, web designs, and SEO services.

Temis marketing pricing in 2023 is around $100 per page of their UI/UX design services. As one of the best UX design agency in the world, Temis has expertise in UI/UX design and other services to enhance your company and business UI/UX design.

Temis marketing company
Temis marketing company started their journey in 2019

Temis Marketing offers these UI/UX services:

  • Product Design
  • UX Consulting
  • UX Research
  • UX Training

Temis Marketing also offers this set of services to customers to improve digital marketing services and UI/UX design:

  • Graphic Design Services
  • Presentation design services
  • Website Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital Marketing Consultant
  • Content Creation
  • SEO

Five main stages of Temis UX design services

  1. Product definition
  2. Research and analysis
  3. Design
  4. Evaluation
  5. Final product implementation

Six stages of Temis UI design services

  1. Understand
  2. Research
  3. Sketch
  4. Design
  5. Implement
  6. Evaluate

Notable Clients of Temis:

  • Aurience: As a jewelry brand, Aurience needed a modern website design to house its products. So, it was important that the Temis design team made sure the website design was presented in the best possible way.
  • UI Design for NFT Game: A retro and cool design for an NFT betting game!
  • CRM Dashboard Design: Comprehensive dashboard for CRM and project management by Temis. The modern design has different parts to ensure no work would be missed or any of the messages. Temis Design showcases every stage from the beginning until the end of the reveal. However, it was very essential that these steps should be easily understandable and pleasurable to look at as well.

Contact info:


Location: San Francisco, United States

Clay, often regarded as a renowned global strategist, is well-known for working alongside the most renowned companies across the world. Look at their portfolios and past successes. For many years, they have been involved in UI UX design services. These firms are highly reputable and have rich histories of collaborations with prominent companies. They have a good portfolio that demonstrates the impact they had on their job. Clay boasts of over 80 skilled employees. This award highlighted their skills in designing outstanding User Interfaces and User Experiences for creating a beautiful yet usable digital setup.

clay company
Clay is global branding and UX design agency

Clay’s key services:

  • UI/UX Design
  • User Research and Testing
  • Enterprise Software Design
  • Digital Product Design

Notable Clients of Clay:

Coca-Cola: Clay as one of the most successful user experience agencies, have a close collaboration with Coca-Cola in creating digital experiences to align brand values and resonate with the target audience.

Google: We all know Google and clay was one of the hundreds of UIUX design agencies that worked with them in both user experience and user interface enhancement.

Other companies that Clay worked with: Amazon, Slack, Oppo, Coinbase, UPS, and Cisco.

Contact info:



Locations: Mutlangen, Germany. San Francisco, California, United States

When you search for a top UI/UX design agency with a good reputation and strong portfolio, Frog will show up on your search as the leading and best UX design agency in the world. Partnering with passionate leader companies since 1970 as a reliable industrial design agency. Frog is known for two of the most powerful phrases, “digital transformation” and “digital strategy,” in the design world. They have more than 500 team members in 10 offices around the world and ranked up their successful portfolio with their clients. It’s good to mention that Frog received the iF Design Award, which is one of the most authentic design awards. This award shows that Frog has a strong commitment to delivering impactful UX design experiences to their clients.

frog agency
frog UI/UX design agency

Frog’s key services include:

  • CX strategy
  • Branding
  • Product innovation
  • UX design
  • Service design

Notable Clients:

  • GE: Frog partnered with General Electric Company (GE)to reimagine and transform the user experience of GE’s digital products and services. They focused on enhancing the usability, efficiency, and overall satisfaction of GE’s industrial software and digital solutions.
  • Xiaomi: Frog collaborated with Xiaomi in designing user experiences and new UI for their products and services. They worked on a vast range of projects, from mobile apps to home equipment interfaces, to present seamless and intuitive interactions for Xiaomi users.

Contact info:


4-Brave UX

Locations: Washington DC, United States

Brave is world’s most prosperous user experience design agency. Brave comes with a full-service user experience that designs and builds very complex application interfaces. They are known as the best in the UX research process, they are Brave, and they mean it in their work. The experienced team consists of 10-49 people who work with clients’ feedback no matter if it’s on schedule or not. Their pricing starts at $ 50,000 per project.

Brave UX company
Brave is world’s most prosperous user experience design agency

Brave UX key services include:

  • Concepting
  • User research
  • Branding
  • Content strategy and development
  • Information Architecture
  • Visual UI and UX design
  • Front-end development

Notable Clients:

AOL, Discovery, Gensler, Royal Caribbean, Marriott, Snagajob, WeddingWire

Contact info:



Location: Victoria and Vancouver, Canada

MetaLab, as a UI UX design company, can become your dream tech team; just take a look at their portfolio and industry recognitions. MetaLab Was founded in 2006 by Andrew Wilkinson and is now part of the Tiny group of companies. They have a powerful team of Well-qualified web developers who specialize in modern programming languages to provide valuable support for clients’ needs besides identifying user needs, validating solutions, and transforming wireframes and prototypes based on their needs.

It’s good to mention that MetaLab received an award from the Canadian Web Awards, which acknowledge excellence in web design and development. MetaLab has an excellent reputation in UX design agencies in Canada.

MetaLab company
MetaLab is a UI UX design company

MetaLab key services include:

  • UX Strategy
  • User Research & Personas
  • User Flows
  • Wireframes
  • UI Design
  • Product design
  • Engineering
  • Research services

Notable Clients:

  • Slack: Just like Clay, MetaLab worked with Slack, with differences in the cases. MetaLab built Slack’s famously intuitive and user-friendly UIs for enhanced productivity and teamwork from the ground up.
  • Google: They also work with tech search giant Google on multiple projects such as the design and development of UI for Google products and services.
  • Apple: They had collaborated with Apple on designing projects and developing the UI and UX of Apple’s stock applications.

contact info:



Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Selecto has become famous because of its digital product agency, which mainly focuses on UX and product design. This user experience design agency was founded in 2014 to help clients launch and grow their businesses.

The core factor of their work is design thinking, which keeps the customers at the center of everything they do during projects. Selecto’s strong designers and engineering expertise will help you rethink how your businesses attract, engage, and satisfy customers. It’s an excellent choice for lonely founders who need to hire an entire team to make everything ready to market products. They claim that previous customers referred 57% of their current clients. You might be surprised when you see their website because only some design agencies have well-designed landing pages, and Selecto is one of them.

Selecto agency
Selecto is digital product agency

Selecto Key services:

  • Market & user research
  • Product strategy
  • UX/UI design
  • Design systems
  • Branding
  • Mobile & web development
  • Quality assurance
  • Post-launch optimization

Notable clients:

Vodacom TV, Abbott, Elise, Vezeeta, Order2Cash, FleetTec, Mynameis, Teaching Medicine, LifeArk, TapTapSee, MsFit, DAHL, SpacetoonGo, Qliqloq, Foxstone and more.

Contact info:


7-Code & Theory

Location: New York City, United States

Code and Theory has become famous as a user experience design agency and an industry-leading UI UX design agency in USA that designs products and user experiences across platforms.

Their team consists of over 500 strategists, technologists, UI UX designers, analysts, and content creators in offices worldwide.

They are a strategically operated company that lives at the corner of creativity and technology. They have expertise in solving consumer and business problems by imagination across the entire end-to-end journey.

In 2001, they started their work in the design industry to help redefine the media landscape, building a new era of digital publishers. Their pricing varies between hourly and per project, which is $200 – $300 / hour and $25000 per project. Code and Theory was honored at the prestigious Cannes Lions Festival for its innovative and creative digital campaigns and design work.

Code & Theory company
Code and Theory is user experience design agency

Code and Theory Key Services:

  • Full-Service Digital
  • SEO
  • Digital Marketing
  • Branding
  • Graphic Design
  • Web Design

Code and Theory Clients

  • NBC
  • adidas
  • Invesco
  • Nasdaq
  • Dignity Health
  • L’Oreal
  • CNN
  • Nuveen
  • Las Vegas Sands
  • Comcast

Contact info:

temis UI/UX design agency
UI/UX design agency

How to Choose the Right UI UX Design Agency for your company?

Now that we introduced the top UI/UX design agency or anancy for your business (take a look at them based on your company demands), we suggest reading about how to choose the right UI/UX design agency for your business, company, or startup. You will need to consider some critical factors in choosing the process of your agencies:


We believe one of the most effective and game changer factors in choosing the process of user interface and user experience agencies is their records and past experience of success in developing and designing high-quality and premium UI UX projects. You should look for an agency which has a good reputation in similar projects as yours in their previous works.


You should take time and have a clear look at the portfolio of the UI UX design services company you want to work with to choose the right one based on what you need. You will learn so much about their design style, thinking, and capabilities.

3-Team members skill

Go for the agency’s team members and qualifications. Ensure that they have a solid mixture of UI UX designers, researchers, and developers’ skills.


The various types of services that a UI UX design company offers matter for you, so look for the one who has the right services based on your demands.


When you want to choose a user interface and user experience design agency for your business, it’s crucial to choose the one that you feel cozy and comfortable in communicating with. Ensure they have a good response and are excellent willing to listening to your feedback.


One thing that you should consider first is to pay attention to the UI UX design company pricing that you are going to work with. Based on your needs, they will charge you per hour or per project.

temis UI/UX pricing
UI/UX pricing

What is a UI design agency?

The definition of a UI design agency in today’s world is a specialized agency in user interface design, aka UI design of digital products and services. Their services include visual design, layout, and interactivity. The designers of a UI design agency working on projects to create aesthetic and easy-to-use interfaces.

What is a UX design agency?

UX design agency refers to agencies that specialize in designing the user experience of the products and services. User interaction with your service, product or app is one of the most noted services in overall experience of a user. UX designers work to create the best experience for users based on user-centered, enjoyable, and intuitive.

temis UI/UX agency
UI/UX agency


In case of working on UIUX projects, in search of UX consultants, or having difficulties with developing a digital product, it’s advisable to hire experienced specialists who have dealt with many projects. You can achieve these goals for your company and business by calling for a UI UX design firm. In this article, we explain all aspects of the best UI UX design agencies in the world in 2023 to help you know which one is suitable for your business. It’s necessary to collaborate with UI UX design firms to improve your business in order to achieve success.

FAQ about top ui/ux design agency

How do you choose the right UX UI design agency?

Based on your specific demands, there are several parameters that you should consider while selecting a UX/UI design agency. These 3 factors are the most important: The first one is a set of services provided by an agency itself; secondly, composition of a team inside this agency and third, the approach of this agency toward its customer. These 3 factors are most important.

Who is the best UI UX designer?

Identifying a good UI/UX designer is highly subjective because one’s tastes influence perception of what is best. A number of well-skilled and accomplished UI/UX designers exist around the globe which provide different solutions. Distinctive client approaches.

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