Best veterinary marketing strategies

Veterinary Marketing Strategies
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Veterinary marketing strategies for 2021

Do you own a veterinary clinic and looking for some strategy to grow your business? A good strategy for each business is necessary and should be considered from every side, so we prepared a list of best veterinary marketing strategies that works best in 2021

Get Active on Social Media

Veterinary Social media

Most people love animals and see them as cute and funny creatures. There are different types of animal rights protection groups and communities which follow the veterinary content and posts.

Another idea for digital marketing for veterinarians is to invest in paid social ads. With these ads, you can target your audience that has an interest in pets and animals. This way, your audience will be qualified and more likely to reach out for veterinary services.


Leave Your Business Cards at Local Pet Stores

Veterinary Business Card

Although everything is going online these days, the old ways of marketing are not dead. This strategy may seem a little old, but it’s still working and giving expected results.

Network with local pet stores and leave a stack of your business cards for them to set out at the cashier stand. Places like coffee shops, restaurants, etc., would be great for marketing and advertising too. But after all, don’t forget that a good card design with short but complete information is crucial for getting your target audience’s attention!

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Host a Pet Parent Seminar

Parent Pet

Invite current and prospective patients for a free informational session at your office. It will put you in a warm and friendly environment, also put you in the position as the expert.

You can choose your topics according to a special event, or it can be seasonal. For example, you can talk about the effect of hot weather on pets. After the meetings giving your guests a gift that ties into the topic can attract them to join your subsequent sessions.

Create a Relaxing Waiting Room

Veterinary Clinic Waiting Room

Usually, when people visit you, they have to wait until it’s their turn. In this situation, it’s hard for them to calm their pets. So it’s a nice gesture to create a calming environment for them.

For example, a study showed that dogs who had waited in waiting rooms that were not chaotic and had sufficient time to calm down were less stressed than quick dogs.

Support pet-related organizations

Pet related organizations

Remember that you don’t have to work only by yourself! You can see working with other organizations and veterinaries as an opportunity and a strategy to grow your own business.

Local shelters, ASPCA sanctioned kennels, and groomers provide services that do not compete with yours and benefit animals in your community.

If you see a special event running by another organization, help them out and join it! Try to collaborate with them and support each other, especially different social media and platforms. It will show your followers that you are invested in animal well-being and not solely focused on getting clients and revenue.

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Create an irresistible special offer that gets prospects calling in

Special Offer

The special offer that you give is better to include two options, first enticing prospects to trust you and give you a try and second, rewarding current patients to ensure future loyalty.

If you are worried about the discount you are offering, remember that the purpose behind this strategy is that you want to drive in LOTS of people to you instead of to gain more profit!

Focus on Client Retention

Client Retention

When you are trying to grow a business, focusing on getting new clients is not the only thing that matters. Having the trust of existing customers and their retention is another item that should be considered.

Try to communicate with your clients through social media or automated recall messaging, inform them of their upcoming appointment, or if their pet is due for a check-up. In this way, you show them your responsibility, and they will be encouraged to make an appointment with you.

Set Up a Shoppable Area in Your Office

Veterinary Shop Area

You must’ve noticed that different businesses are making their special merch, and they often sell it on their social media or at a particular area in their office.

If you can design your own merch, don’t waste your time and start doing it! You can see this idea as a veterinary marketing strategy that grows your business and is a new way for increasing your income.

We offer an extensive array of pet supplies you can customize with your logo and contact info to offer your patients. Also, giving your clients’ pet a tiny merch as a gift can advertise your business more than before.

Sponsor a Pet Event

Pet Event

Sponsoring an event related to your business is where you can expand your target audience, like a pet walk or adoption event. If you have recently opened your clinic, you can sponsor a more minor part of the event.

Build trust through Influencer Marketing

Influencer Marketing

Most consumers trust an influencer more than an advertisement or traditional celebrity endorsement. This can be the reason that you should sometimes work with an influencer instead of advertising. Try to discover the right influencers, let them trust you, communicate with them, and in the end, cooperate!


All the mentioned tactics and marketing strategies can affect your veterinary marketing. But you don’t have to do them all together. Start with the easy ones and go forward step by step.

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