What is CX design?

What is CX design?
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We hear and use the term “customer experience” a lot, but what exactly does this term mean? Customer experience can include many elements, but the foundation is the customer’s perception of your brand.

You may think that quality products provide a high customer experience, but if a customer buys a low-quality product from you once, he will consider your company as a low-quality business.

Considering these issues, it is clear that customer experience management is one of the most important tasks that brands must do. Everything a company does has an impact on how customers perceive the business, as well as the overall customer experience of a brand. Activities such as the following:

  • How to send messages
  • Products that are sold
  • The sales process and what happens after the sale
  • Other internal factors such as work processes within the company
  • Product or service leadership and engineering


What is CX?

CX or customer experience includes all the interactions that the customer does. The relationship between the customer and the organization is based on different types of interactions at different touch points. Of course, you should know that the experience between you and the customer is not always done with the first orders, and you may have many customers before that. CX layout is the practice of making smooth and efficient interchanges between an employer and its customers.


Solutions to improve customer experience


Promoting employees

Part of the customer experience can be related to who they interact with during their purchase process. If your employees do not have the necessary tools or are not appreciated, their performance may decrease.


If the customer experience is not interesting at the moment, you can do the following to improve the performance of your employees: With the help of feedback tools, identify the pain points affecting the performance of employees. Re-examine the current systematic process, from the call center protocol to the CRM software. Improve processes to achieve a more positive customer experience The customer experience may have decreased due to not paying attention to the company’s slogan or commitments. In this case, you should evaluate your senior managers, managers, and employees to make sure that they all move in the direction of the brand or company’s slogan and tone. (motivationandlove) Make sure that the experience of your employees is also positive because the probability that it will improve the experience of customers increases.

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Full focus on new initiatives

Your customer experience is not going to change overnight! Therefore, all departments of your company must focus on new solutions and initiatives. Put someone in charge of implementing customer experience improvement plans. This person’s job is to announce changes, facilitate operations and organize analysis on research. In addition, taking any necessary action to ensure that your new approach to improving the customer experience is implemented uniformly and continuously in all departments of your company is considered one of the important responsibilities of this person.


You might think that these things are a bit excessive, but according to a new study conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit, companies that prioritize their customer experience usually experience higher revenue growth.

Although in some companies, changing approaches can be met with resistance, timely investment in customer experience strategy can bring many benefits to your business in the long run. When you plan to implement new initiatives, you will probably face sensitivities from senior managers. To convince the lower-level employees to implement the new approach, you must first get the opinion of the managers. Finally, employees obey their higher-ranking officials, and if you cannot get the satisfaction of these officials properly, the following three things may happen:

  • Inconsistent interactions between the company and the customer
  • Preventing the acquisition of information that can help customers or employees
  • Failure to receive the necessary support from employees in general

Personalization of interactions with customers

Depending on the scale and vision of your company, personalization can have different meanings. Personalizing experiences for your customers can help create a strong bond between the brand and the buyer. For example, offering a discount code or coupon after a customer’s first purchase can drive them towards brand loyalty and personalization of the experience.

Of course, personalization is not only limited to discounts and can have different forms:

  • Thank you letters after every customer purchase
  • Customer satisfaction follow-up surveys
  • Dynamic offers on the website according to customer preferences
  • If you make the customer feel valued even after the purchase, you can improve the overall customer experience.


Improving customer experience with UI and UX design


Think about the starting point of the customer experience. Usually, before the potential customer contacts the support team to solve the problem, he tries to solve the problem himself. For this reason, your company’s website should be designed in such a way that the user can go to its different parts very easily and offers clearly.

88% of users who have a bad user experience have no desire to use that website again. To prevent this from happening, your site designer and user experience experts should present an engaging appearance and information to customers so that the customer’s journey starts from an attractive and positive point.


Learn from customer attrition


According to research by Bain & Company, if you can increase the customer retention rate by 5%, your business profits will increase between 25 and 95%! One of the best things to start with is to use the in-app analytics tools and identify the parts where the customer interacted the least.

Low engagement especially in the SaaS industry means a higher chance of churn. With the help of these analytical measures, you can identify the customers who have the highest risk of churn. You can use analysis to determine the percentage of interaction that carries the highest risk of customer churn. Then implement a monitoring system to alert the customer success team when a customer approaches this number. This way, your team will have the opportunity to take the necessary actions before it is too late. Even if you lose some of your customers, you can gain valuable information about their motivations. Provide different communication channels to receive customer feedback and take their opinions seriously you are focused on creating a better customer experience, you need to know what they think about the weak points of your business.


Make it easy for the customer to cancel the order or receive the service, but your customer success team must also carefully monitor customer feedback and behavior.


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