Who earns more, web developer or UI UX designer?

Who earns more, web developer or UI UX designer?
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In today’s digitally driven world, web developers and UX designers are indispensable players in creating exceptional digital experiences. As the demand for user-centric design and ui ux design services continues to grow, both roles have garnered significant attention in the job market. But when it comes to the paycheck, who earns more web developers or UX designers? In this article, we delve into the comparison between web developer vs UX designer salary and also look for their roles to understand the factors influencing their earnings.

Understanding Web Developer and UX Designer Roles

Before diving into the web developer vs UX designer salary comparison, let’s briefly outline the roles of web developers and UX designers.

Web Developers 

Web developers specialize in developing websites and applications on the World Wide Web. Their main task involves the technical side, such as programming the front end (where users interact) and server-side logic/database systems in the back end of websites/applications. Web developers ensure that websites are functional, responsive, and visually appealing.

UX Designers

User Experience (UX) designers focus on creating seamless and user-friendly interactions between digital products and users. They conduct extensive user research, create wireframes and prototypes, and design intuitive interfaces that align with users’ needs and preferences. UX designers strive to enhance user satisfaction and overall usability.

Who earns more web developer or UX designer?

Before we look for the salary comparison between web developers and UX designers, you need to know that it can vary based on location, experience, industry, and company size. Let’s explore these factors in detail:

Experience Level: Generally, professionals with more experience tend to command higher salaries. Web developers and UX designers with a solid track record and a diverse portfolio of successful projects may earn more than those just starting their careers.

Location: The cost of living and demand for specific skills can significantly impact salaries. In tech hubs and major cities, where the need for both roles is high, salaries tend to be higher than in smaller towns or regions with lower demand.

Industry: The industry in which professionals work can also influence their salaries. For instance, UX designers in the finance or healthcare sectors may earn more due to the complexity and sensitivity of the projects involved.

Company Size: Larger companies and tech giants often offer higher salaries and better benefits than smaller startups or agencies.

What is the difference between a web developer and a UI UX developer?

Web developers are the architects of web applications, providing detailed insight to create a functional foundation. UI UX developers let their creativity soar and craft interactive online experiences tailored for users – focusing on aesthetics and an easy-to-navigate platform. Together they develop digital wonders that bring ideas to life!

Although web development and UI UX design can have a lot of crossovers, they are two distinct roles that require different skill sets. For instance, while website caching concepts might be essential for a web developer to understand, it is less applicable in user interface technology. Likewise, cookie-related fundamentals will likely be more critical when designing an interface with browser security policies in mind if someone works solely on programming platforms.

UI/UX designer vs web developer salary range comparison

Web Developer Salary Ranges Widely. Starting salaries for web developers vary significantly based on experience and location; junior developers could make around $50,000-$70,000 annually, while mid-level and senior web developers with considerable expertise could see annual earnings between $70,000 to $100,000 or higher.

Junior UX designers might earn between $60k-80k annually, while mid-level and senior UX designers with impressive portfolios can see annual compensation between 80k-150k K or even beyond! UX designer salaries likewise fluctuate depending on experience and location: junior UX designers could earn between 60,000- $80,000 while mid-level designers could earn between 8-10k-100K plus; Senior UX designers with considerable expertise could earn 100,000-175K or above in earnings!

UX Designer Salaries Vary depending upon experience/location: Junior UX designers might earn anywhere between 60,000-80K annual pay, while mid-level designers might earn between 80k-10K or beyond and beyond; senior UX designers with significant expertise could earn 100,000-175K or beyond depending on location: UX designers typically start off earning around $60-80K annually.

In a comparison of UI/UX designer vs developer salary, mid-level designers could command between 80 to 100 K or beyond per annum. As you might get, UX designers/80K annually/105K or beyond. UX designer Pay Varies Varies Based upon Experience/location: UX designers with robust portfolios/expertise could earn between $60K and 150k or more significant.

Which is a better job position, Web development or UI UX designing?

Web development offers those interested in tech opportunities – from creative problem-solving to career flexibility. This field can be advantageous, providing developers with the satisfaction of making their web applications and websites for their clients or users. It is an ever-growing industry offering generous salaries depending on experience level and potential paths towards formal qualifications like degrees which will further equip individuals with invaluable job skills!

Becoming a UI UX designer unlocks the door to an exciting, creative, and ever-evolving profession. With training in this line of work comes flexibility for small projects across various industries, autonomy over decisions made on design elements, and rewarding experiences from creating user interfaces with exceptional usability. Also remembered is that embarking on this career path can give one access to abundant opportunities for growth!

Web designer vs. web developer

You may notice “Web Developer” jobs in the search results when looking for web designer positions. These jobs are not web designer jobs. You may even be qualified for them.

Are You Familiar With Their Differences? 

A designer is responsible for designing the appearance and layout of websites using Adobe Illustrator before passing them over to developers for development. Although some web designers also utilize code, they focus on basic functionality rather than designing elaborate features or aesthetics. There are three types of designers: visual, user experience, and user interaction. They use code to supply your website with the functionality you want.

There are three different types of web developers:

  • Back-end developers work with the database and server. According to Payscale, these developers earn an average of $81,161/year, while Glassdoor reports a much higher salary.
  • These developers earn an average salary of $75,437. However, a frontend developer’s salary According to Payscale, these developers earn an average of $75,437, while Glassdoor lists an even higher salary of $87.228.
  • Full-stack developers are paid, on average, $78,936 by Payscale. Glassdoor pays a significantly higher salary of $92,221.

The pay of web developers varies widely, but they are generally paid significantly more than visual designers and at least as well as UX or UI designers.


As you read above, there is a significant difference in web developer vs UX designer salary. Multiple factors, such as experience, location, industry, and company size, influence the UI/UX designer vs developer salary. Both roles play key roles in digital environments, and professionals can achieve competitive salaries due to their skillset and expertise in both fields. Individuals should take their passion, interests, and career goals into consideration before selecting between either role; job satisfaction is as vital a component as personal growth when considering which career option best meets them.


Do developers earn more than designers?

There is still a wide range of pay depending on the type of site and experience. Designers with experience working on enterprise websites can earn significantly more. Web designers tend to earn more than developers , because they require more technical skills.

Which design field has the highest salary?

Interaction design. In India, interaction design is the most well-paid design career. A typical interaction designer earns an average salary of INR 7,64L per year. This field is a specialized part of UX design. It involves professionals who examine how a user interacts with a product.

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