Why you should use Anima with Figma?

Why you should use Anima with Figma?
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Are you a designer looking to take your creation process up several notches? Figma is undoubtedly one of the top design tools available today. However, there may still be times when Anima can come in handy. If you’ve been wondering how this might apply to you and what advantages it offers over Figma, look no further! This article outlines critical use cases that make Anima an essential addition for designers wanting their prototypes–and bosses!–to be impressed by quality work. Unlock new possibilities by combining the power of both these fantastic design platforms!

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What’s Anima?

Anima simplifies the design-to-development process, enabling designers and developers to work in synergy. With Anima’s comprehensive UI library, designers can create pixel-perfect prototypes without coding that look just like an actual product. Developers can then take these designs and convert them into React or HTML code quickly without worrying about tedious manual labor for layout construction – freeing up their time for logic and architecture optimization!

Anima provides a cutting-edge plugin that allows designers to easily and quickly configure designs, which can then be securely shared with the rest of your team via Anima’s web platform. Everyone on board can discuss the Prototype in real-time while gaining access to helpful specs or assets. But what sets this platform apart is its ability to supply developers with generated code so they can hit the ground running!


What is Figma? 

Unlock the creative potential of your imagination with Figma! This robust design tool will help you craft anything – from websites to applications and logos. Plus, by getting familiar with its user interface and experience capabilities, you’ll set yourself up for success in building an impressive portfolio or even creating a successful business from scratch.


Why should you use Anima with Figma?

1- Live forms in Prototypes

Are you tired of trying to cue your testers on how to interact with forms during user testing? Anima has the solution: its live form feature allows users to type and submit information directly without needing extra instruction. Plus, it includes validation out of the box! So no more worrying about explaining where they should click or tap – let Anima do the hard work for you.


2- Responsive Prototypes 

As a designer, you have the unique challenge of sending your exquisite creations to various people with various devices. From powerful desktops and iPhones to Android tablets – not an easy task! But what if there was one solution that could make this process easier? A single link for all visitors, which would adjust itself perfectly depending on their screen size… You can turn this dream into reality by creating prototypes designed specifically for each device!

Anima is the answer to making your digital designs stand out. Its powerful breakpoints make it possible for you to tailor a seamless user experience, adjusting and responding according to to screen size as needed – no matter how large or small! With Anima, give users an exceptional experience they won’t forget.


3- Share HTML/CSS/React for your Prototype 

Utilizing Anima, designers and developers can collaborate to quickly create outstanding projects. No more starting from the ground up – with just a few simple steps, your team can get code ready for any design. Unleash all of that hard work you put into designs by tapping into the power of Anima; take ideas and bring them roaring to life!


Great tips for using Anima

1- Create High-Fidelity Prototypes

With the Anima plugin, you can quickly bring your designs to life. See what a website or app will look like without ever leaving Adobe XD, Figma, and Sketch – no coding required! Prototype in true fidelity with every breakpoint accounted for so all aspects of the design work on any device size from desktop to tablet to mobile. Keep fine-tuning until it looks perfect before sending it out for feedback: just click refresh after each adjustment – now that’s tremendous power at your fingertips!


2- Export Vue/React Codes for Production

Struggling to get your website ready for launch? With Anima, you can finish your project and be up and running in no time. You’ll have direct access to Vue/React exported design codes, giving you a perfect platform for quickly testing pre-production or production elements. HTML/CSS code is generated automatically by syncing directly from Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD – meaning that after quickly previewing its appearance in browser mode, it’s just one click away from being life!


3- Code Conversion

Anima is an incredible tool for developers looking to turn their designs into code quickly and accurately. From Vue, React, CSS & Sass to HTML – Anima provides comprehensive conversion options across a wide range of languages. Moreover, it allows you to check your changes while preserving graphical representations of programming codes in its workspace – making editing more effortless than ever! In other exciting news, Anima is also working on providing Swift, ReactNative, and Angular conversions soon!


4- Work on Live Drafts

Projects involving mobile apps and websites can suffer a significant setback due to lengthy iterations often required for minor tweaks. Even the tiniest modifications could take hours or days, leaving progress stalled. At the same time, development teams scramble to keep up with changes.

You and your team can ensure a smooth transition between design and development by working with Anima! The designer can quickly sync any changes from programs such as Figma, Sketch, or Adobe XD directly into the project dashboard. This removes delays, allowing for continuous workflow – so nothing gets lost in translation while saving time.

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5- Real-Time Comments for Collaboration

Need to communicate with multiple people about a design or development project? Anima makes it easy! Instead of spending time writing emails back and forth, leave real-time comments within the project. By visualizing your progress this way, everyone can quickly understand each other’s ideas – saving you precious time while also warding off potential conflicts!


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