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How to make slides vertical in PowerPoint: the ultimate guide

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The Vertical slides in PowerPoint are a great way to engage your viewers and keep their attention. If you want to learn how to create these types of presentations, we’ve got just what will help! In this guide, I’m going to show us the steps necessary for creating a vertical presentation with ease so let’s get started now by opening up Microsoft Office programs’ Word or Excel file that has been lying around unprotected on our computer somewhere…
It should already be open since we were working from there earlier today when doing some homework assignments but if not then do yourself one favor: double-check before proceeding any further because once begun there’s simply no turning back.


How to Make Slides Vertical in PowerPoint: The Ultimate Guide

Step 1: Create a new presentation.

The first thing you need to do is open PowerPoint and create a new presentation. Then, click on the ” File” menu and select New from among options offered in drop-down lists for different types of documents ( Vertical Slides ). In the dialog box that appears enter desired name, location & description before clicking the OK button at the bottom; this should generate a template slide with your content ready-made onto it!

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How to Make Slides Vertical in PowerPoint: The Ultimate Guide

Step 2: Add content to your vertical slide.

To add content to your slides, click on the “Insert” tab and then select what type of item you want. For example, if I wanted a picture attached with some text in front or background colorways depending upon my design needs for this project at hand – It would look something like this:
The power lies within being able not only to change how things appear visually but also to adjust their size so they better fit into place without taking up too much room while still being readable when reading through large pieces written by one person (or many).

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How to Make Slides Vertical in PowerPoint: The Ultimate Guide

Step 3: Save your vertical slide

When you’ve finally finished adding all of your content, it’s time to save a vertical slide. To do this go into the ” File” menu and select ‘Save As.’ Here choose where in which file(s) you want your saved version of this project/slide show put away so that afterward when looking at them again they will be able to see what changes have been made since the last viewing without having any trouble caused due to lack thereof unlike other programs where if one makes large modifications another has already existed causing conflicts leading back towards confusing users even more!



Vertical slides in PowerPoint are not as difficult to achieve now that you know the steps. We hope this guide has helped and if there’s anything else we could do for ya, let us know!
It was great reading your comments on how much easier creating vertical presentations will be from here forward – thanks again for sharing them with all of us readers who appreciate knowing these tricks too (:


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