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Keynote or PowerPoint: Which Presentation Software is Right for You?

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Do you want to offer a presentation for work or faculty? Are you uncertain of which software program to use? Apple Keynote and Microsoft Office PowerPoint are famous presentation software app’s. In this article, we will examine and compare the two programs so that you can decide which one is proper for you. Keynote and PowerPoint both have their pros and cons, so it comes all the way down to non-public preference in the long run. Here in this article, depending on your need, we will clarify which presentation software app is better for you.

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Keynote or PowerPoint: Which Presentation Software is Right for You?


PowerPoint vs. Keynote vs. Google Slide, Which Should You Choose?

There’s no right or wrong presentation software. Each of the three presentation software packages has significant strengths to consider:



It is an established package with a large user base and support. This may be the right choice for you if you are working for a business that prefers Microsoft Office products. There are thousands of PowerPoint templates from professional designers to choose from.


It is designed for Apple users and Mac OS users and tends to have a more creative vibe, according to some users. If you work mostly on Mac OS, this could be the best presentation software package for you. There are plenty of creative Keynote templates to work with.

Google Slide. 

This would be the right choice for you if you need to collaborate with a team that uses different operating systems. It’s also an excellent option for remote teams. There’s a growing base of Google Slides presentation templates on Envato Elements, with more being added on a regular basis.

Keynote is a more versatile program that can be used for a variety of purposes

For example, Keynote can be used to create slideshows, infographics, and even webpages. PowerPoint is more limited in its capabilities and is primarily used for creating traditional slideshows.

Keynote is also a better choice if you need to give a presentation on a mobile device such as an iPad or iPhone.


PowerPoint is mainly used for business presentations

PowerPoint is a better option if you need to give a presentation heavy on text or data. PowerPoint also has more templates and design options than Keynote. While most people believe that PowerPoint is much better presentation software, Mac user maybe disagrees with this opinion.

Keynote or PowerPoint: Which Presentation Software is Right for You?


If you want to use that beautiful template you found online, so PowerPoint is the only choice.

There are plenty of designers who spend their free time creating PowerPoint templates. PowerPoint Template is awesome in that it is literally a time and lifesaver. Instead of spending 10 hours working on your customized PowerPoint slide, you can edit an existing PowerPoint template and have your slides finished in under an hour!


Keynote offers more creative and interesting ways to present your information

If you want your presentation to be more than just a bunch of bullet points, Keynote is the way to go. Keynote has built-in support for videos, animations, and transitions that can make your presentation more engaging.


PowerPoint is better for creating slides with text and images

If your presentation is mostly text and images, PowerPoint will be easier to use. Keynote can do this as well, but it takes a bit more effort to get everything aligned correctly.

Keynote or PowerPoint: Which Presentation Software is Right for You?

Keynote is better for creating interactive presentations

If you want your audience to be able to interact with your presentation, Keynote is the better option. Keynote supports feature’s like Live Slideshows, which allow you to embed live web content in your presentation. PowerPoint does not have any built-in interactive feature’s.

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 If you need to create slideshows for work or school, PowerPoint is the better option

If you want to create something more creative or interactive, Keynote is the better choice. It ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Keynote or PowerPoint: Which Presentation Software is Right for You?

If you need to take notes during a meeting or presentation, Keynote is the better option

Apple Keynote supports features like note-taking and drawing that PowerPoint does not have. You can also export your Keynote notes as a PDF or image file.

Note: Apple users can save their Keynote file; they can only save it to tow format. The default .keynote file type is pdf or image. Their export options are pretty limited as well. However, it’s nice to import keynote file’s to PowerPoint. You can convert to either.PPTX or .PPT format (PowerPoint 1997-2003 compatible).


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How to Create Advanced Designs with Keynote Templates feature?

Choosing a good template is important depending on what presentation software you use. You can find a professional template that uses Keynote’s unique features at Envato Elements.

Also, you can customize a Keynote template design. Or get started with one of the best-selling Keynote templates on Envato Elements, called Tormund.


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