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What is a timeshare presentation, and things you need to expect?

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What is a Timeshare Presentation?

A timeshare presentation, also known as a discovery tour or a timeshare presentation, is a chance to learn more about vacation ownership and meet one-on-one industry representatives. While there are many benefits to attending timeshare presentations, you must plan ahead. Even if you only have a few hours to spare, it can still be difficult to manage when you are on vacation with your family.

Your resort may want you and your spouse together to attend the timeshare presentation. They will also provide snacks and activities outside your children’s presentation area. If your agent has mentioned vacation packages or other promotions, you must attend the entire presentation to be eligible for those offers.

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What Motivation can you get by attending a Timeshare Presentation?

These are the two main reasons that thousands attend timeshare presentations each year. Many owners are interested in timeshare ownership, and either agree to attend a presentation or schedule one. Most potential owners attend the presentation because they are offered incentives. These include a free meal or a weekend stay at the resort.

Whatever scenario you are in, you may feel nervous about your first timeshare presentation. This could be because you fear you will hear shady sales pitches and presenters trying to take your money. Many owners highlight misleading or aggressive tactics on online forums. Many genuine agents want to help you travel. It’s difficult to tell if you’re going in for high-pressure sales or an honest, informative conversation.

Being open-minded but not too cautious when attending a presentation is essential. Expect to learn valuable insights from industry experts when you arrive. If you can tour the property, take your time and evaluate it. Ask questions and voice your concerns during the presentation. Ask specific questions about your obligations to own a week if you have a particular week in mind. When you are discussing things, give examples of vacations you would like to take and specific numbers about the cost of such vacations. Remember, you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want to.

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Things to Expect


Get to Know You

Once you have checked in, the first thing to happen at a presentation about timeshares is that a representative will introduce you. This representative will be your dedicated person throughout your entire experience.

This person is a salesperson. This representative, like all great salespeople, will be friendly and try to establish a rapport. You will find them friendly and easy to get along with.

It’s OK to be friendly with one another and to get to know each other, but remember that they are trying to make sure you like them and build trust so you will be more inclined to buy from them.

It is also advisable to be clear with the representative that you do not intend to make a purchase. It’s not a good idea to be upfront with them initially. They will try to change your mind later.


Dream Destinations

After you have had some time to get to know each other and have eaten and drank, you will likely be directed to a group presentation where you can present your products to potential buyers or representatives.

This is the typical presentation: A representative leads talks about how they were deprived of travel and how it changed their careers within the company.

A representative questions potential buyers about their dream vacation and the cost. Representatives often pressure people by asking when they will go on their dream trip.

Whatever the presentation’s style, the goal is to inspire you to travel more. If you purchase their timeshare product, you will see beautiful places and feel like you have the whole world at your disposal.


The pitch

After the presentation to the group, your representative will bring you back to the table to begin discussing the options and program. Your representative will discuss the resorts in your portfolio and the redemption program (usually points-based) and possibly show you a list of resorts you can access through an exchange. Depending on how many questions and where the conversation takes place, the length of this portion of the presentation may vary.


The Tour

A tour is the fifth thing you should expect from a timeshare presentation. The tour can include all the resort’s amenities, but the tour’s main purpose is to show you the available room types if your timeshare becomes an owner.

Although the room options and types may differ by brand, you can be sure that the property will show you the best rooms. The villa/room tours I have been on were all very luxurious, and I would not mind staying in any one. However, every property in the portfolio might offer a different level of luxury depending on which brand it is.


Incentive Programs

We have both been offered special deals and incentives from close friends. While you might not get them all, they offer you at least one. They can get you to buy the whole product if you don’t want to.

These deals could include special pricing that allows you to upgrade later, a special one-time deal to stay at the resort, or another. The closer may offer incentives to go along with the special offer. These could include loyalty points, free travel, or other special deals.


The Cold Shoulder

After the presentation, you turned down special offers and incentives. Although you were likely surprised that you didn’t purchase the original product, your representative was friendly. You’ve been their best friend until now, but they’ll likely turn against you once they realize they won’t sell anything.

This is something we have experienced, and it wasn’t pleasant. We recommend that you be honest about your intentions. While I stated that I wouldn’t likely be purchasing anything at the timeshare presentation, I was attentive and interested in writing a post. I was dissatisfied that the rep who worked with me believed he was certain to sell and claimed he thought I had changed his mind.



Timeshare presentations can be stressful. Some people compare them to visiting a car dealership. Although there is pressure from the representatives, and the presentations are masterful pieces of marketing and psychology, it will be easy to know what to expect from timeshare presentations before you go. This will help you to stay safe.

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