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What Is Enterprise UX?

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Today, more and more of us are familiar with computers and web browsing. Society is becoming more advanced, so many people are eager to learn UI and UX. Considering the high salaries and income of UX jobs, it is easy to understand why many people choose UX design over UI design. But in this blog, I will talk about one of the branches of UX and give you comprehensive information about it. If you are interested, you can learn about that branch.

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What Is Enterprise UX?

Here, the most significant difference between normal UX and UX Enterprise is in their customers and the people who use it, or in other words, the people who order it, according to which it’s design and usage will be very different. Enterprise UX is designed for certain people, for example, employees of a particular company or company, so their usage methods and ways are very different, and that’s why UX Enterprise has its category, and designers earn very different amounts from it.

For example, imagine a site or app that is designed for HR or human resources, which makes their work much more accessible, or a site and app that is made only for one company. All people should have their accesses, and they can change these accesses with the permission of the management. I hope you understand well what we are discussing with these two examples. UX Enterprise makes life easier for employees and designs something for them to continue their work with less difficulty.


The difference between customer UX and enterprise UX

Above, I tried to give a complete explanation of UX Enterprise. Still, as a summary to go to the next section, I will provide a small overview again. UX Customer is more about designing for many people, the statistical community is very accurate, and we do not create precisely for certain people; many people can use it in the best possible way, but on the contrary, UX Enterprise has a much more limited statistical community. It is done for certain individuals or companies for a specific purpose. Of course, this does not mean that the UX customer does not have a specific goal, but it means that it has a smaller plan. In UX Enterprise, our target is specific people and employees, and we have more limited customers.


The role of end-users

We are dealing with two completely different areas here, and let’s start with the UX customer. Here, user-friendliness is the first word, not that a particular person has given you a special order or you want to design based on the taste and wishes of certain people. Still, it is in your interest that if you want your product to have more sales before in general Play and publish it, test it several times with different people and be sure to ask for their feedback. But, in UX Enterprise, the people who use Ozone do not have an extraordinary role. I don’t know if you have ever worked in a company or a big company or not, but in fact, many employees do not have a role in the software and sites they have to use. And the higher managers make all the decisions, which is one of the fundamental reasons for their difference.


Improved productivity

One of their significant differences is that UX Enterprise significantly increases productivity in a company or organization, which is so obvious that it cannot be ignored. Let me explain to you how it happens. Imagine constantly being engaged with a software or website for a day or nine. It has a significant impact; in fact, it is vital that the software is well-designed, and ultimately, it will increase your productivity.


Different customer

From the blog’s beginning, we talked a lot about the different customers, and this issue was so important that I preferred to talk about it separately. The principle of UX design lies in the users who use it. UX is here to make the user feel comfortable and to be able to use different software and sites more quickly, so the difference between the users of these two groups of UX has a significant impact on it. The user of a group of people and the community is much larger than the users of another group. The smaller the society becomes, the more difficult it is to design for them, so it can also have a significant impact in these cases.



In general, in my opinion, Raji, UX Enterprise is very positive, and it is one of the fields that if I have enough time one day, I will go and watch its training in its entirety. UX generally takes very positive steps to make our lives easier, and UX Enterprise is for the better, Making life easier for employees and different companies take very positive steps. But suppose you are not a UX designer and you are looking to learn how to use it. In that case, I recommend you to choose a more accessible way and ask a reputable agency with relevant work experience to do it for you for your company or employees. Finally, if you still have questions or need advice, contact us at Temis Marting. My colleagues at Temis will do their best to help you.


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