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Which one is better and developer prefer, XD or Figma?

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Adobe XD and Figma are popular programs for creating digital properties such as apps and websites. It can be challenging to choose the right system for your project. This article will help you understand the similarities and differences between each system and which one is best for you as a developer.


Which one is better and developer prefer, XD or Figma?

Do developers prefer XD or Figma?

Figma is the winner in most categories, but both programs are exceptional and will be an invaluable asset to any UI/UX designer.

Which design software is best for you? Adobe XD may be a better choice if you are looking for a reliable, comprehensive design software with a broad range of features. If you are familiar with Adobe’s creative tools, it is a better choice. Figma is a more lightweight, yet powerful and collaborative tool that you might consider. Whatever tool you use, remember the importance of user-experience in your designs.



Figma It is a cloud-based collaborative design tool. The browser-based system allows teams to create wireframes and prototypes. While designers are working on visuals, writers can add copy. Then developers can handoff in a few clicks. All stakeholders can view the project, and they can make notes – all from a single online interface.


Adobe XD

Adobe XD a vector-based design software that is commonly used for UI/UX design. It has collaboration features such as shareable libraries and Creative Cloud integration. This allows team members to sync changes with the cloud to update the entire project. Teams often use Adobe XD for quick designer-developer handoffs and prototyping.


Which is easier to learn: Figma or Adobe XD

If you are familiar with Creative Cloud, XD should be simple to learn. XD’s interface may be easier to learn for new users.

  • Both the top and left toolbars can be found on both screens. The right panel corresponds with the tool you are using.
  • When it comes to organization, the systems differ. XD uses a minimalist approach, grouping multiple tools and features together. Figma, on the other hand, is more open and transparent.
  • XD’s organizational style may make it easier to get oriented if you’re just starting.

Figma and XD are somewhat similar. Figma has many more features and tools than XD. XD can provide the same functionality, but Figma can be slower.

Figma comes with more tools than the standard interface so it can be overwhelming. Although the system does a great job organizing all options, it can be difficult to navigate through the program to find what you’re looking for.


Which one is better and developer prefer, XD or Figma?

Comparison Figma vs. XD

Figma, on the other hand, is browser-based, and XD is installed directly on your computer. Figma is better for collaboration because of its file compatibility.


Check Compatibility

XD offers greater file compatibility, but Figma can be used to achieve the same functionality. XD supports MP4 files, but Figma needs a plugin to embed video.

Figma files can’t be opened by XD, but they can be converted with a third-party program. Moreover, to open XD files in Figma, you will need to convert them with a third-party tool. An XD project can be copied and pasted as an SVG file.

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Figma and XD both have hundreds of plugins. You can create them all, and they are easily found in the plugin marketplace of each system.

Remember that plugins can replace built-in features. For example, you could upload MP4s to XD by using a plugin in Figma.

-Figma Plugins

Access the Figma marketplace via a projection screen. You can only install one plugin at a given time.

-Adobe XD Plugins

XD plugins can be found under the Extensions tab. There are many third-party options available in the marketplace. You can connect XD to other Creative Cloud apps, even though they are not technically “plugins”, to enhance your project. For example, you can quickly open a Photoshop file from within XD. Figma doesn’t allow you to do this.


Collaborating with Colleagues

Figma is the clear winner in this case. Figma is superior at all stages of collaboration, from developer handoff to working with designers.

FIGJAM is a great tool for coordinating projects. Also, Figma integrates the system and allows you to collaborate on a digital whiteboard. The system allows users to share ideas, create project plans, and brainstorm. XD doesn’t offer any of these features.



Figma and XD offer hundreds of templates and UI kits for free.

  • XD provides templates from industry experts, such as Apple Design and Google Material Design. Third-party templates can be found on the Internet.
  • Figma created around 300 templates, including wireframe kits and product development roadmaps. Templates from third parties are also available.

Apple and Google award XD official kits.


Supported Platforms

Both systems are compatible across platforms, as I said earlier. Figma is the winner in this category for browser support. Accessing projects via any browser is a big plus, especially if you are using Chrome OS, as XD won’t work on Chromebooks.


Prototyping with Figma or Adobe XD

Both systems can be used to create interactive prototype’s, but XD is better. You can add multiple user interactions to the program, making it more useful for creating interactive prototype’s.

Adobe XD or Figma for Building Component Libraries and Design Systems with Tokens

Both systems have similar component libraries. Individually, you can modify instances or update the entire component. Pushing changes from one instance to the main component can also be done.

  • XD labels the main components of your project with a diamond icon and a green highlight.
  • Both programs allow you to share design system’s and component libraries with other team members.

Figma is generally better for building design system’s because they are more precise. Figma, however, can create standards for blurs and effects. XD cannot.



Figma is the best choice for beginners. It comes with a starter version. Although there are limitations in the number of files and team projects that can be created, the starter version offers enough functionality to allow you to learn the software quickly or create portfolio projects by yourself. Figma Pro is the most costly of the three. It costs $12 per editor per month if you pay annually. If you choose to pay monthly, the cost will rise to $15

Adobe XD has a subscription price of $9.99 per month or $52.99 per Month as part of a Creative Cloud app package. Try it for free for seven days.


Developer handoff

Figma has collaboration capabilities that give it an advantage when passing your Figma files to developers. Developers can invite Viewers to view prototypes, comment, and export assets from one link.

Adobe XD has a Development share option that allows you to mark assets and files for export. These assets can be downloaded to developers’ computers via a single link.

Developers can access Figma projects by email invitation. Developers can be granted edit access to view the prototype’s. This means that they don’t require a paid Figma membership. Figma can generate CSS for a portion of your design. Developers can view style guides or layout grids in Figma to verify that the code matches the design.

Figma’s collaboration tools make it easier to hand off. Figma’s CSS automatically updates as designers make changes. In XD, you will need to refresh the code manually.



Figma is a speed-based design tool that relies on the Internet. Slow Wi-Fi can lead to a slow design process.

XD can partially work offline but will require internet access to function fully. Some users have reported slow synchronization with the cloud.

  • You will need at least 4GB RAM for XD. However, the RAM is required to create smooth designs at the minimum double.
  • Figma requires fewer system requirements but has more RAM.

Figma seems faster than other editors at saving projects to the cloud and syncing them between them. Figma editing is faster because of the better collaboration options.


Reasons why Figma is a better option than XD for developers.

  • Your files are always available on the cloud with Figma
  • Collaboration is made more accessible by Figma
  • Figma is a community
  • Figma encourages simplicity of use by using keyboard shortcuts.
  • Animated GIFs
  • Use screen space more effectively
  • Variants of buttons

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Figma is a great web app and desktop client. No matter what operating system your team uses, Figma can be used. Figma offers a professional plan for free to students and educators. Anyone can collaborate with one source of truth without any restrictions.

Vector networks can be the reason Figma is a winner, however. XD gives vector drawings a direction based on the point they were drawn. Figma has a more flexible system that allows you to create in any direction. Figma makes it easier to create complex shapes and update vector objects. Based on the developer’s needs, they will choose the best one for their work.

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