Guide to the ROI of User Experience (UX)

Guide To The ROI Of User Experience (UX)
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For years, the field of design has shown its complete trust in UI and UX design, because they are the reasons why people buy from us, so almost the majority of us agree that this has a great impact.

For years, UX designers have faced difficulties in quantifying the value of their work. While there are tangible costs associated with this type of design, it has been hard to demonstrate its return on investment (ROI) as a number or dollar amount. But now we’re seeing evidence that good UX pays off: recent illustrations from real-life experiences provide strong proof points for how UI and UX can benefit an internal business venture if done right. In this blog post, I’ll be exploring why user interface/experience design is so critical to realizing success – and ways you can measure it along the way!

By calculating user experience ROI, you can prove that your actions are impacting the company’s bottom line. Below, you’ll find all the essential information about UX ROI. Let’s start!

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How UX affects business revenue?

The story is that UX directly affects our sales and we don’t need to talk much about its values ​​when a good UX can have a direct impact on our visits and sales.


Why does ROI matter?

When investing in employees, such as developers, marketers, or graphic designers to join your business, it’s essential to monitor the Return On Investment (ROI) that they bring. While there are many variations of ROI assessment for different aspects of a company – like hiring new staff and sales strategies – we’ll focus on measuring the user experience ROI here. That way you can be sure any investments made will deliver maximum returns and help grow your successful venture even further!


What is ROI?

Investing can make all the difference between success and failure. That’s why calculating a return on investment (ROI) is essential for assessing whether your investments are paying off – and how much they’re earning you! By subtracting total expenses from income, then dividing it by initial expenditure, ROI gives us an accurate figure to evaluate performance; aiming for 15-30 percent across industries and 5:1 in marketing endeavors.

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 Two myths of UX ROI

Measuring Return on Investment (ROI) has changed from simply tracking capital expenditures. Now, companies use it to understand their investments in areas like HR, technology, and UX for software products. After a user buys these products, User Experience becomes pivotal: with great UX encouraging loyalty while bad experiences drive users away – making the ROI of your product make-or-break!


ROI is all about money

Calculating return on investment can be more than just counting the dollars. It’s also about looking at less tangible metrics – like customer experience, user satisfaction, and product design – to measure success and build a solid foundation for your business’s long-term bottom-line growth.

Every month, your company could rack up hundreds of dollars in savings simply by redesigning an internal application to make a certain task more efficient. That would free up employee time and energy to focus on other tasks that will advance the business even further! ROI isn’t just about profit when it comes to products – how users feel empowered can be incredibly valuable too. But don’t forget the inner workings: Internally, reducing mundane workloads through improved efficiency is a major way to maximize returns within organizations as well.


ROI has to be perfectly accurate

ROI calculations can be a helpful tool for measuring success, however, it is important to remember that the only true measure of ROI is total investments. To better understand this concept with an example: imagine investing $20,000 in launching a SaaS product and acquiring 50 customers at $499/month – yielding an overall return on investment (ROI) of 24.75%. While managers may focus solely on these numbers while making decisions, they must also consider how good design affects customer experience; as poor UX could lead them to cancel their subscription.


Calculating UX ROI

Measuring the exact ROI on UX is difficult

Investing in UX can often bring a financial return, but sometimes it’s much more nuanced than that. There are many key areas to consider when looking at ROI with better user experience – like increased conversions and customer retention rates; enhanced team productivity; reduced support costs and development expenses too! Mozilla recently saw remarkable results after spending 14 weeks on usability improvements – resulting in 70% fewer calls for assistance. To understand the impact of these changes though, A/B testing is essential: make design modifications to observe how users interact with your product or service. Humana famously used this method on their homepage banner successfully as well- so why not you? ( It could be time now to do some math (and learn what works!)



As you know, user experience is an active field that has saved many companies or businesses from destruction and has brought a lot of income to many of them. We need to have a good user experience so that as a result of that We can sell better and more people want to buy from us.

For this, if you can design UX and UI, it is better to start as soon as possible, because you should not lose even a minute, but if you can’t, I suggest you work with a good agency that has a lot of experience. In this field, they can establish excellent relationships with their customers, so you won’t have any problems and you can be sure that your work will be done in the best possible way.

My colleagues at Temis Maknimg are at your service to solve your problems with a lot of experience in the design of UEs and Yaks, so if you feel that you need the help of a professional team, contact us.

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