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Microsoft PowerPoint offers a couple of gadgets to endeavor to help you with making a truly spellbinding, intriguing, and captivating show. One gadget available in both the workspace and online sorts of PowerPoint is Designer or Design Ideas. This component explores the substance of your show. It then proposes plans and configuration changes to your slides close by pertinent pictures to work on the visual charm of your show.

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You can use Design Ideas to clean up an ongoing show or offer a chance for your most significant slide to make a connection with the show constantly. However, you could find it more convincing with an ongoing show as it has then more blissful on which to base its arrangement ideas. The gadget works similarly in PowerPoint for the workspace and PowerPoint Online. Regardless, the online variant in like manner offers one more component alluded to similarly as Ideas. Also, open for Excel, Design in PowerPoint proposes configuration changes and permits you to search for and implant pictures associated with your point. Could we see the way this capability?

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PowerPoint design ideas can help give your presentation a professional, polished look.


What exactly is the PowerPoint Design Ideas tool?

The Design Ideas tool helps you make your slides visually appealing. After adding all of the content, like text and images to a slide using Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or 2010 program’s design suggestions will appear automatically for each element type (image/heading). These creative ideas can be used as is or customized in any way imaginable!

Interested in using Design Ideas, but don’t want to pay for a subscription? We’ve got good news! There’s an easy workaround. Keep reading our article and learn how you can still take advantage of this powerful tool without having full access rights just yet…

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Why are PowerPoint Design Ideas useful?

There’s no need to waste time scouring the internet for unique designs when you can use this tool that will give hundreds of options in seconds. Simply click on it again and get yet another batch!

Design Ideas saves you time on both small and large projects. You’ll notice how much of it is saved after using this tool for a few hours, instead of having to search through templates or coming up with designs yourself in the crunch!

The tool doesn’t only suggest designs by placing elements randomly on the screen. It picks outfitting graphics, vectors, and icons that go with your theme to create visually impactful slides – all in one place!

You can change anything to make your slide design perfect. Add more elements and create a presentation that you’re proud of!

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To use Design Ideas:

-Click the Design tab on PowerPoint for your workspace. If you’re using an online version of this program, click See ideas from anywhere in order to access all available design options!

– The design ideas are endless! Side panels open to show you the many different ways your room can be decorated. Choose from various styles and preview how each one would look in real life before making a decision on which one is best for you.

– Click on the design you like and then click Use It to save it as your presentation’s background.

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9 Tips to apply a design idea to all slides in powerpoint

If you want to apply a design idea to all slides in your presentation:

1. Identify the key design features you want to use on your slides

This might include colors, fonts, images, etc.

2. Select all of the slides you want to apply the design to. You can do this by clicking the first slide, holding down the Shift key, and then clicking the last slide.

3. Choose a background color and font that complement each other

4. Use images and graphics to break up the text and add visual interest

5. Keep your content concise and easy to read

6. Use slide transitions sparingly, or not at all

7. Preview your slides before presenting them to make sure they look good

8. Go to the View tab on the ribbon and click Design Ideas.

9. Click the Apply to All Slides button.

The design ideas will be applied to all of the slides in your presentation. You can always go back and adjust individual slide if needed, but for now we think it looks great!


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