presentation design cost: How much should I charge for slides per Presentation?

PowerPoint presentation cost
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Creating a compelling PowerPoint presentation requires time, effort, and expertise. As a presentation designer or someone seeking to outsource their presentation project, determining the appropriate pricing can be challenging. Hiring a professional designer to help with your PowerPoint design will allow you to eliminate the stress of creating presentations. It will also give you better results than you would have if you did it yourself.

Various factors come into play when setting the cost, including the complexity of the design, the level of customization, and the designer’s experience. In this article, we delve into the factors that influence PowerPoint presentation cost, how much should I charge for a PowerPoint presentation, the PowerPoint presentation price list, and PowerPoint template price, and explore effective design costs for different PowerPoint presentation design services.

How much should I charge for a PowerPoint presentation?

It is not easy to design PowerPoint, and also it’s not easy to know how much should I charge for a PowerPoint presentation. It can sometimes be difficult with endless editing and a slow-spinning wheel. Before you decide on a freelancer or UI/UX design agency to present your project, it is essential to consider the cost of content, time, and visuals. Each individual has different skills and experience. An agency will charge per project, but freelancers usually charge on an hourly basis.

You will be surprised to learn that professional PowerPoint designs can range from $5 per slide up to a staggering $5,000 for a complete deck

presentation design cost
PowerPoint presentation cost


The typical price of PowerPoint Design(Per slide price)

Although PowerPoint presentation costs start at $5 per slide, some companies charge $50 to create entire presentations without knowing the scope of the Presentation or how many slides they will be using. These companies often use AdWords and advertisements on keywords to make presentations. They are not likely to impress clients with their pricing.

PowerPoint Presentation Design Cost

The PowerPoint presentation design cost can vary depending on several key factors:

  1. Content Complexity: The complexity of the content being presented, such as technical data, intricate graphics, or heavy text, will influence the design time and effort required.
  2. Customization: The customization and personalization requested for the presentation will impact the cost. Custom graphics, unique animations, and branded elements may increase the PowerPoint presentation cost
  3. Number of Slides: The number of slides in the presentation directly affects the cost. Larger presentations with more slides may require additional design work and higher pricing.
  4. Revisions: The number of revisions requested can also impact the overall cost. Multiple modifications or significant changes to the design can incur additional charges.

How much does a presentation design cost in average?

Many people believe that PowerPoint presentations are just another secondary task you must do now and again. What if there were another way? What if your PowerPoint presentations didn’t even have to be done?

Regular employees spending hours creating slides is inefficient. Worse, less time can be spent on more valuable tasks. At the end of it all, time and effort spent on PowerPoint design can also cost actual money.

Companies around the globe are opting to Outsource their presentation design. This is a great way to save time and keep your budget low while still allowing your employees to be productive.

These are the most popular options for getting someone to design a presentation. Here’s how much they cost.


You can find freelancers online to help you with your presentations, as you can for many other tasks. You’ll find thousands upon thousands of designers willing to give their best on websites such as Fiverr and Upwork.

We can see an example of the PowerPoint presentation design cost on Upwork. This site charges between $35 and $150 for presentation slide design. Unlike other sites that charge hourly, slide design can be done by professionals.

Agencies and Design Companies:

You can choose from several presentation design agencies if you need more reliability and quality than a freelancer. We prepare The Top 9 Presentation Design agencies in the world that you can read first.

This option is great because, unlike freelancers, they are experts in their chosen fields. The presentation agency designers can help you build a deck and communicate your message in a more audience-oriented manner.

Depending on the company, they may offer different services to assist you with all your presentation needs.

Bright Carbon and Buffalo 7 are presentation design agencies specializing in presentation design. They also offer communication services to help you create your presentation. This is why the presentation cost for this agency is higher. A 10-slide presentation created by them starts at $5,000 as a professional presentation price.

Design Teams:

This professional presentation price may seem excessive if your company requires a steady flow of presentations. Many design agencies offer enterprise solutions to address this type of problem. Additionally, presentation designers are dedicated to your brand and will ensure that your presentations reflect your style.

Many agencies offer a credit package subscription, allowing you to rely on consistent professional presentation design at a lower price.

Factors that may affect the cost of your PowerPoint designing

It’s a good idea to have as much information as possible. You can negotiate more effectively if you have complete information about your project.

  • Target audience

What are the demographics of your target audience? Age group, industry sector, designation bracket? The more information you have about them, the less work they will need and the lower price they may charge for presentation design.

  • How it’s going to be presented

This information is essential to share with the PowerPoint design agency. It will be presented to the presenter in person or as an attachment to the mail. One must understand the contents. The format, font size, and information on each slide may all need to be decided by the agency. These details can impact the cost.

  • The content

You have prepared the content or would like the agency to write it for you. Customers usually have rough content in the form of words or PPT. This is not ideal for presentation making. An agency might suggest that customers provide input and then they can create their presentation-worthy content. While you can save money by doing this work, it may result in more energy and time utilization than content writing.

  • Animations

Standard animations can be used for presentations with both simple and sophisticated transitions. We may need more complex animations to meet our client’s needs. The higher the price, the better. The most difficult part of the animation is moving elements in sync across the deck. This is why we require additional fees.

  • The style

You can get a glimpse of the final PPT outlook by looking at various styles. PowerPoint agencies have their own styles. You can help them choose from these and save a lot of time. Also, style is not a template but a general appearance and feel for ppt presentations. A good PowerPoint designer will be able to identify the theme you are most interested in.

  • The timeline

This bracket is common in almost all agencies. If you have a strict timeline, you will likely pay more to have PowerPoint design done. Fast work can also limit creativity. It is a good idea to plan your PowerPoint presentation ahead and allow your agency enough time to think up new ideas.

  • Complexity and depth

Are there too many diagrams and paragraphs in the Presentation you want to overhaul? It is possible that the project will be more expensive simply because it takes longer to simplify and solve the content.

Outsource Presentation Design Cost

Outsourcing presentation design can offer cost-effective solutions, especially for large projects or one-time presentations. The outsourced presentation design cost will depend on factors such as the design agency’s location, expertise, and reputation.

  1. Offshore Agencies: Outsourcing to offshore design agencies in countries with lower labor costs may result in more budget-friendly options. However, you should consider communication and time zone differences.
  2. Local Agencies: Local design agencies may charge higher rates but can offer more convenient communication and a better understanding of local market preferences.

How much does a PowerPoint template price?

The PowerPoint template price depends on the complexity and features included. Smaller pre-made PowerPoint templates can start as low as $1, but custom-designed and feature-rich templates can cost upwards of several hundred dollars. Prices also differ depending on special capabilities such as animation or interactive elements.

If you need a customized PowerPoint template that aligns with your brand, the price may vary based on complexity and scope. Off-the-shelf PowerPoint template price can range from $20 to $100, while custom templates can cost anywhere from $200 to $500 or even more.

Why do you need to use a PowerPoint template for your presentation?

A PowerPoint template can help you create professional-looking presentations quickly and easily. Using templates ensures that all slides are consistent in design and look, which helps keep your presentation organized and visually appealing.

Templates also come with graphics, charts, photos, and other stock images that can enhance your presentation without having to find them yourself. Additionally, a well-designed PowerPoint template is often more engaging than an introductory blank presentation, so it’s worth investing in one if you want to make a lasting impression on your audience. With the right template and some creativity, you’ll have a fantastic presentation ready to go in no time!

Where can I find the best PowerPoint templates?

Start with the templates provided by Microsoft PowerPoint. These templates can be accessed directly from the PowerPoint application. Visit the Microsoft Templates website to access PowerPoint online.

You can also look for other options by visiting these PowerPoint templates:

  • SlidesMania
  • Slidesgo
  • PowerPoint Templates Design Free (


Which PowerPoint template is best?

Your mission and your needs will determine the best PowerPoint template. While you can use any template for multiple purposes, if you have a specific theme for your business, product, or service, then look at the topic-related templates. You might also want to consider seasonal or holiday templates if a theme is unimportant.

Also, look at the included slides to determine if they meet your content requirements. A process diagram or timeline might be required. Or perhaps an image gallery slide. Make sure that the template contains the elements and layouts you require.

Effective Design in Presentation Cost

Investing in a high-quality presentation design can yield significant returns. An effective design enhances audience engagement, conveys a professional image, and increases the likelihood of achieving your presentation goals, whether closing a deal, securing investment, or educating your audience.

PowerPoint presentation pricing is based on the pay per slide

The cost of a presentation is determined by two factors. They are urgent and effort. This package is ideal for those who have small presentation requirements. This first pack will help you complete your presentation project seamlessly.


We calculate the cost of the entire presentation services based on the amount of work required for your PowerPoint presentation design.


It is not only a matter of time but also the cost. It will still be cheaper than doing it yourself.


Now you will be able to calculate how much should I charge for a PowerPoint presentation. Your PowerPoint presentation cost involves considering various factors, such as content complexity, customization, number of slides, and revisions. A well-designed presentation can make a powerful impact, and weighing the costs against the potential benefits is essential. Whether you are a presentation designer or seeking professional services, transparent communication and clear expectations are key to achieving a successful outcome. Consider the complexity and customization needed for your project and find a pricing structure that aligns with your budget while ensuring a high-quality and effective design that captivates your audience.

FAQ  about presentation design cost

What is the cost of a 10-minute presentation?

You should treat a 10-minute talk as the equivalent of a 1500-word paper. The rule of thumb is to use 10 slides per 10 minutes. However, many speakers may vary from 20-30 seconds or even a minute for each slide. Only 10 or 12 slides should be created to use during the 10-minute time period.

Can I hire someone to create a PowerPoint?

Temis’s custom service makes it easy. Follow the on-screen instructions to get help with your custom presentation in just a few simple clicks. Buying PowerPoint presentation services is so easy! Temis can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere

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