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Social Media Design Portfolio
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A portfolio work samples an individual, company, or organization, but first of all what is a portfolio? a portfolio is a piece of professional information, recorded, experience, design styles, design skills, and design inspiration. it plays an important role in gaining the trust of your potential clients and so it’s valuable. it is important for people who earn money through social media, so it is very important to design an attractive portfolio. This article introduces 5 effective, simple, and fast ways to improve your portfolio.


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Why should you have a portfolio?

the main help of a portfolio is that it will help you to communicate better with your customers cause when you are doing this potential clients will see your skills, experience, and work style. but you had to be very careful cause you had to collect the most important and appropriate examples of your work in this collection.

by doing this many customer questions can be answered by showing them a portfolio.

What parts does a portfolio consist of?

A portfolio is an example of your skills and experience that you need to show to the client in your style. now for your first step, if you want to design a portfolio for your social media,  you need to know what parts you should include
A portfolio usually consists of the following sections:

– Your work Principles

you can write a brief description of your beliefs and ideas about your work and design.


Your skills


– Your skills

It is better to mention three or five important skills that you have that are important for your job. provide recommendations, samples, or projects that demonstrate these skills later. To show figures in your portfolio, you should provide a screenshot of them along with your resume. A creative image that shows your good performance in projects such as increasing Instagram followers or increasing site traffic can attract more attention than a thousand lines of text.

– Your Achievements

you need to do and add something to show your clients you are qualified to do their job, in order of doing that you can share some documents that show your competence in your field of work also you can add your certification, diplomas, and awards you have received.

– Statistics

you also need to do something that shows your portfolio more professional and Showing different statistics always makes a portfolio look more professional. Show statistics on the number of downloads, readings, new customers, or works that have led to the production, and do not be ashamed to show them off.

– Explain the projects in your portfolio

Just choosing and uploading your best projects does not make your social media portfolio professional. You need to tell a story for each project to increase its effectiveness. The following three-step formula will help you a lot.

  • Your role in the project: Have you been a project manager or graphic designer? Did you write the motion graphics scenario yourself? This section is different for each area, but briefly write your role in the project.
  • Doing process: The most important part of the explanation is the design process. Explain to the portfolio viewer where the project started and where it has reached. what idea and inspiration did you get? techniques that you used, etc. (Use the power of storytelling and tell the story of your design process)
  • Project goals: state the project goals and explain how you achieved them.



tips for creating a better social media portfolio
tips for creating a better social media portfolio


tips for creating a better social media portfolio

– Show your face

you should make a human connection to do that you had to do something for them to even believe you more and more, you should put your photo and not avoiding that in your portfolio and it should not make you feel uncomfortable, the only point is that putting your photo and showing them that who you are is the easiest way to gain the customer’s trust it’s not to show the beauty of your face.

– Remove unnecessary photos

I’m sure that it can be a bit boring for you to use a minimalist style for your social media portfolio, but you should always be careful that all the text and images you use are necessary.
Tips to choose an image for your social media graphic design portfolio:

  • Images should include your best work. (Preservation of diversity is essential)
  • Your images should be coherent and specialized. Do not use decorative images.
  • Your images should reflect your graphic design, your vision, your creativity, and the variety of your work.


– Choose the best colors for your portfolio

Try to use the right color palette to suit your work style. If the color of your work is very light, the elements of your work should have darker colors. Proper use of different color palettes and spectrums reflects your understanding of colors, your taste, and your mastery of a social media standard portfolio.

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— Fonts and grammar

The text you use in your portfolio may be very short, but in any case, minor mistakes in both grammar and spelling of words can easily put your portfolio and resume in the recycle bin of the client system. Therefore, using text editing software can be a good option to avoid these mistakes. In the case of fonts, try not to use more than two different fonts. consider the typography, size, and, color contrast of the fonts in different sections and use it appropriately to emphasize or explain an article.


Social Media Design Portfolio


– Always tell the truth in your portfolio

Do not invent anything by yourself. Never exaggerate in your portfolio because Honesty is the best tactic. You may get a job, but after a while, you lose it because of the lies you told. The truth will always be revealed. So be only yourself.

– Update Your Social Media Portfolio

for sure when you design your first portfolio you will need to update it after a while, you are progressing every day, and at the same time, your projects are getting more advanced. Do not expect your employers to understand your progress by looking at the portfolio from the very beginning of your work. You must update your portfolio from time to time. Eliminate portfolios that you have left without ending the project. If you have a portfolio that shows your weakness in doing something, you may need to take it out altogether and try to show what you have done well.

choose the best format for your social media portfolio

to digital design portfolio, there are many formats you can choose. here are some of them:

– Make a PDF portfolio

A PDF portfolio is the most popular choice for graphic designers. You can create a portfolio of your work in Adobe Pro, Indesign, or Illustrator and then export it to PDF format with the same document design. This gives you maximum flexibility since you can open your documents on any computer using free Adobe Reader software. If you want to make changes, simply edit the source file again and save the new version as a PDF file.

here are digital design portfolio examples:


 Social Media Design Portfolio
Social Media Design Portfolio


– Online portfolio designing sites

most designers tend to design their portfolios with photoshop and they do not know other platforms for designing their portfolios But there are many sites in this field that can make it easier for you. These sites have ready-made templates that help with brainstorming and offer faster methods. Here are some of the sites to build an online portfolio:

— Adobe Portfolio

This website provides ready-made online portfolio templates for photographers, graphic designers, architects, and other people who need to introduce their work. Most of the services on this site are free, but for a more professional design and use of all the features, you have to buy its special programs.

— Behance

Behance’s main focus is on photographers and graphic artists looking for social media to display their work. By creating an account, you will be able to have an attractive visual resume and also benefit from Adobe Stock services. You can search for jobs that interest you through the Jobs menu and Your resume will be the same as your page on the Behance site.


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— PortfolioBox

This site allows you to have a professional portfolio. Create a virtual gallery to display your work. Share videos, photos, and any other evidence you have of your work in ready-to-change portfolio box formats and increase your audience. if you are a photographer, designer, musician, art director, architect, etc. you can find your templates and edit them.

– Make an online portfolio website

If you are looking for more flexibility, consider building your website instead of having an online portfolio on another site like Behance or Dribble. With this approach, you can upload images faster than with other sites because there is no need for approval. There are many website-building tools like WIX, Weebly, and Squarespace that allow you to create web pages. They offer different options for website design and price plans; You can choose the best option based on your needs.

– Use a social media account

You can also use a social media account as an online portfolio. For example, you can create a Twitter account and post links to images on Flickr or Dropbox instead of including them in your tweets. You can also have an Instagram account dedicated to displaying photos from different projects. Search for hashtags related to your profession and then find the best successful people and follow their accounts. Posting work publicly will be better than sending private messages to other users because they might not see them or respond quickly.


in the end, it’s just a strong way to gain new customers. To have a strong portfolio, just a portfolio photo is not enough, and in addition, you should write a description of your role in the project and your success metrics for each of them. The next step in creating a portfolio is choosing the right social media. You can have your website or use other sites to present your portfolio. Update your portfolio constantly and do not forget to display your best and latest work.

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