Social Media Post Design Ideas

Social Media Post Design Ideas
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It’s important to know that posts on social media are things you share with your followers. You can write them as text, video, or images and even link to other websites for more information about the topic at hand!
The goal of any good idea for designing an interesting post should be consistency so people will remember what it was when they see another one from you later down their feed – which brings us back around again…

Designing social media posts is a lot of fun, especially when you get creative with them. There are many tools that can help design your post including Adobe Photoshop and other programs like InDesign or Illustrator for example! You might be thinking to yourself “social media isn’t just about promoting new stories” which could make sense but what we do in our spare time doesn’t always match up right away does it?

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Here are a few social media post design ideas:

Use templates to design your posts

Pre-made social media posts are a dime-a-dozen, but they’re not exactly exciting. Using the same template every day will get old fast and your audience knows it! To avoid this from happening be more creative with what you post or how much time you spend on Instagram by using different fonts in words that pop out at them instead of sticking solely to one typeface throughout all posts – even if it’s just for fun!!


Try not to be melodramatic in your social media posts

The best way to share your story is not by playing into the melodrama factor. While it’s tempting, don’t give in and post something too dramatic on social media because then no one will want or care about what you have going on!


Social Media Post Design Ideas


Write social media posts that fit within a one-minute read

Just like a great story, you want your social media content to be interesting and captivating. It’s no good having just one minute of someone’s time if they’re going quickly read through everything- so make sure that whatever posts or stories are under 100 words long can still hold their attention for this long period without getting boring!


Write social media posts that are available for everyone to read

It’s one thing to post on social media for your followers, but what about when you’re posting with expectations that high? Celebrities and other public figures unknowingly share their words with the world through this platform every day. It is important as a brand owner to have up-to-date knowledge of how best to write content so it can be shared effectively!


Write social media posts that people can relate to

You can be the voice of your brand or business, but at its core, you need to know that what’s being said is coming from a place where people will believe it. Be genuine and authentic in all things social media- as they say “be human” not just for clicks’ sake!


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Try not to use too many emojis in your social media posts

Emojis are a great way to add some personality and warmth to your social media posts, but they should only be used for positive emotions. Overusing the cute little smileys can make it difficult for readers who may find themselves feeling overwhelmed with cuteness instead of inspired by what you’re sharing!


Diversify your social media content

The way you use social media is important because it can help your brand stand out from the competition. For example, posting text-based content on Facebook might be more personal than an Instagram post with images and this will lead people down a path where they are interested in what’s going on inside of their company or organization rather than just seeing random posts about events happening outside work hours.


Use your brand logo in posts and profile picture

Your company logo is what differentiates you from other companies. It should be used in all the places where people see or interact with your branding, such as on social media pages and menus at stores. Your brand’s visual representation helps set it apart while also being memorable so that customers can easily recall who they are supposed to do business with when faced with too many options!


Always have fun with your posts

Have you ever felt like your social media is just not enough? That there are so many people out in the world who seem to be having a good time while posting on Facebook and Instagram, but when it comes down to YOU no one really cares. Well if this sounds familiar then I have some news for ya: You’re missing out! Social Media was created as an outlet where we could communicate with each other – don’t let yourself fall short of what’s possible by being boring or reserved all day every single week again!! Post often (and enjoy!)


Social Media Post Design Ideas


Create a layout design for your posts

Knowing what kind of layout you want for your social media post can help guide the way in which pictures and videos are placed. There’s no one perfect design that works across all platforms, but there is an inspiration to be found from other people who have created amazing graphics!


Link your social media posts to your website

When you share a post on social media, it’s important to link directly back so people can read more about what was mentioned in the content. Placing an emphasis or prominent tag at either top-and-bottom of your upload will make sure they always know where their links go if clicked!


How can you create social media posts that stand out?

There’s no one answer to this question – what makes a good social media post depends on your audience and the type of content you’re sharing. However, there are a few things you can keep in mind to help make your posts more successful:

  • Make sure your posts are visually appealing and use relevant images or graphics.
  • Keep your text short and to the point, and use strong headlines to capture attention.
  • Use hashtags and other keywords to help your posts get seen by the right people.


By following these tips, you can create social media posts that are more likely to be noticed and shared.


How to use images and graphics in your social media posts

The next time you want to post on social media, think about how it can be more appealing by using relevant images or graphics. You could find free ones online and even create some yourself with software like Photoshop!

To add a personal touch and feel to your social media posts, be sure you select high-quality images that are relevant. It is also important for users on the internet who view these pieces of content to see mention or credit given when using another artist’s work in their own creations so make certain they get properly compensated if this applies!

If you’re not comfortable creating your own graphics, there are a number of free tools and services available that can help you easily create professional-looking visuals. Some popular options include Canva, Piktochart, and Snappa.


Which styles and formats work best for social media posts?

Every social media platform is different, so what works well on one site may not work as well on another. When choosing styles and formats for your posts, it’s important to keep your target audience in mind.

The style and format you choose should be relevant to the topic at hand. For example:

  • if you’re sharing a CTA to sign up for your newsletter or enter a contest, it’s best to use an eye-catching image of the prize.
  • If the post is meant to spread awareness about an issue or current event, try using infographics or statistics as part of your social media design.

You should also consider the type of content you’re sharing.

  • If it’s a text-heavy article or blog post, using an image of the article’s headline may be all you need to draw attention.
  • On the other hand, if your social media posts are mainly links to videos, consider using thumbnail images along with the video link that will play directly in your post.



To be successful in social media, you have to post quality content. The best way is by sharing creative ideas that will grab the attention of your followers and stand out from other posts on different networks around the world!

The best way to use social media is by connecting with other people. You can win followers by sharing content that they enjoy and it will be more interesting for them if you interact from time to time as well! Looking at someone else’s profile doesn’t just give us an idea of what kinds of pictures or ideas appeal most, but also teaches us how we might want our own account design structured so there are no mistakes made when posting future updates on Facebook, etc…


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