What is UX design for real estate and what are best parcties?

UX for real estate
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A web design for a real estate website can be difficult and could lead to many pitfalls. The UI UX design for a real estate website could significantly impact how much you make from leads. It’s important to do it right. UX, or user experience, is the general term for the science behind making customers happy. Agents, brokers, and marketing professionals need to pay more attention to it.

Please continue reading this article to learn about real estate UX design, common mistakes, and the best participates.

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UX Design for real estate

Selling and buying homes is a high-value transaction for all parties involved. A broker believes digital marketing can be used as the main sales tool. Moreover,this information will help you reach potential buyers and understand your target market. A visitor’s experience with an online prospect or website can be negatively affected. Your website’s interface is confusing or unstable, or any other characteristics that make it difficult for visitors to register will significantly impact your ability to keep their interest. This is true not only for the house or project at hand but for future ones. Negative user experiences can lead to potential buyers leaving your site.

UX Design is key to your business’s ability to stay ahead of your competition.


Common UX Mistakes Made by Agents in Real estate UX

Let’s look at some of the things you might be doing wrong in UX.

Here are some of Katie’s most common UX errors made by brokers and agents:


Force ro registration required

To force or not force registration? This is the real question.

This question is as old as real estate websites. There is no answer because it depends on the type of website.

Katie points out that Katie often sees registrations being forced too quickly on people browsing their homes.

Forcing registration is not a bad idea. BoomTown and CINC include forced registration are two examples of lead generation websites that make money from PPC and Facebook ads. When you spend money on each lead, you must maximize your chances of connecting with them. However, if you force a lead to register before they have benefited from your site, it won’t be of any benefit.

Many websites and web providers allow you to set forced registration rules. For example, it can be forced after viewing five properties or limited to a soft ask that allows users to click out and go on their way. I don’t force registration. I receive fewer but better leads.


Putting the agent first

You’re not the first. You are not the first home buyer or seller. Visitors are not visiting your site to find out about your family or interests. Visitors are likely to want something, and it should be real estate-related.

They deserve it!

They often want to find homes for sale or determine the value of their home. These should be prominently displayed on most websites’ first pages. Realtor.com, for example, has this as the only important content above the fold.


Too many photos

Do not overload your website with large images. You won’t get the most out of these elements. It is essential to keep your website’s loading time fast and accurately display all pictures. Designers should collaborate with developers when implementing layouts.


Not telling a story

This would appear to be contrary to the previous rule. But the story isn’t your story; it’s the customer’s story.

It is essential to understand the customer journey to connect with someone completely stranger online quickly. Empathy with the customer’s situation is key to connecting swiftly online.

Is your home buyer looking for a house? No. Is your house seller looking to sell? No. They want enough money after transaction costs to be in a position to build a swimming pool in their new home for their grandkids.

Keeping your customer avatar at the forefront is essential when creating your website or message.


Best UX design practices for Custom Real Estate website UX design

Use photos (but not too many)

Images and video are two of the most important elements of a real estate website. We recommend that you give them the maximum attention and time. The images must be high-quality and help sell the house. Good photos are vital these days when it can be challenging to visit a property physically.


An interactive map in clean design

The end-user experience is enhanced by a comprehensive filtering tool and a high-quality navigation process. Visitors are keen to find out about the area and check its location. It is, therefore, useful to give them a map. It is expensive, but it is essential for a real estate website.


Filters won’t overwhelm your page

Good real estate website design allows users to work with the machine and not have to guess what they should type to make it understand them. Website visitors will try to categorize their requests using multiple filters. They may spend several seconds or minutes to complete the process and view the results.



Consider creating carousels for your website, which can be used with many photos. To draw people’s attention to the most important content areas, you can use visual cues like highlights and arrows. You can even use other traditional tools, as Residences Immobilier has done on their website.


Be an Expert

Sharing professional knowledge on your website is another way to help your users. You have many options to establish your brand as an expert.


Create separate dashboards for buyers and sellers

Your custom-designed real estate website will be irreplaceable thanks to powerful search tools. It is important to meet all your clients’ needs. A landlord may need a simple listing tool, while a buyer or tenant might require a more detailed filtering tool.


Create an Effective Search Engine For Users

According to the best real estate website design practices, it is better to hide advanced search filters under “advanced Search” and instead focus on typical user scenarios. You’ll be able to guide visitors and give them the option to create their search.


The most important criteria for real estate are location, price, and budget. Website users can use an interactive map to zoom in, search for, and evaluate the infrastructure surrounding them.



Online shopping is becoming more complex and sophisticated. This includes the real estate industry. UX Design is crucial in real estate transaction solutions because of the potential value each visitor can bring.


ui ux desgning services

Ui UX design services

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