Why You Should Never (Ever) Memorize Your Presentation?

Why You Should Never (Ever) Memorize Your Presentation?
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If you’re a passionate presenter, then of course it makes sense to commit your speech or presentation to memory. Every chance at the podium is an opportunity for greatness and recognition in front of those that matter most – but no one’s perfect so preparation becomes key! Whether it be an intense rehearsal or diligent planning – reducing risk requires every avenue available.

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Why not?

If you’re preparing a presentation, reciting every word might not be the best course of action. Instead of relying on memorization to deliver your message, focus on internalizing what it is you want to convey so that when presenting in front of an audience, the interaction and flow feel natural rather than contrived. When delivering content becomes too scripted or rehearsed – the charm runs out!

I was so uninterested in the presentation that I couldn’t even bring myself to understand what this guy was saying. The only thing of note I remember is randomly discovering on Twitter during my boredom-induced browse that Brazilian ex-president Dilma Rousseff had been impeached back then. All I could do at the time was pray for it to end!

When you regurgitate your content, you create a barrier between yourself and the audience. This removes any natural conversational flow that could be there to capture their attention. It’s important to keep this personal connection alive for your message to truly resonate!

Tap into your passion to take your audience on an unforgettable journey! When you make speaking a conversation, it allows you to open up and connect with them in ways that can be both inspiring and entertaining. You’ll share the highs of triumphs as well as commiserate through life’s challenges – together.


Conquer your fear of public speaking

Memorizing a speech may feel like the most surefire way to ensure its accuracy, but it comes at an immense cost – namely losing out on that crucial connection with your listeners. When you lose those ties of engagement, no amount of memorized words will be able to keep them interested and in their seats. Instead, forego rote recitations for something more dynamic: improvisation filled with genuine emotion!

For a truly captivating presentation, expert skills are essential – much more so than memorization. The spellbinding speakers you’ve heard have likely honed their craft over time to be able to deliver with passion and authenticity. By mastering these skills they can make an otherwise mundane speech come alive!

Memorizing long speeches seems like a great way to ensure you never forget, but it can backfire spectacularly. The more content there is in your speech, the higher chance that all those hard-learned facts and figures will fall right out of your head when you step up on stage!

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-Before you even get up there


Before stepping up to the podium, there are so many important things that must be taken care of. The only way you can ace your speech is by preparing and practicing beforehand – this ensures a smooth delivery when it comes time for presenting! Here’s what you need to do in advance if success is on the agenda.


1- Understand what to expect

Being fully prepared for a presentation is key to making sure it makes an impact and resonates with your audience. Tara Goodfellow, owner of Athena Consultants and Muse career coach states that gathering all the important details — from location to timing, attire options, topics covered (and ones excluded), as well as a mode of delivery — ahead of time ensures you’ll be ready!

Goodfellow emphasizes the importance of being prepared for a presentation, emphasizing that it can help make sure everything runs smoothly and reduce potential stress. Be mindful to have all necessities ahead of time – from laptops to handouts – so no surprises pop up on show day!


2- Get to know your audience today

Knowing your audience is key to any successful presentation. According to Goodfellow, it’s essential that you recognize the knowledge level of those listening and adjust your talk accordingly – not too simple nor too complex for their understanding. Strike a balance between information they are familiar with and more challenging concepts, ensuring everyone walks away from the event satisfied!


3- Plan and structure your speech like a pro

Before you hit the stage, it’s important not only to consider how your words are presented but also what those words mean. To make an impact in front of a crowd and deliver meaningful messages, don’t forget to put time into crafting compelling content before hitting “go”!


4- How to Avoid Overloading Your Slides

To make your presentation more effective, Goodfellow recommends tailoring the slides to fit in with how you would like others to be presented. Rather than filling them up with too much text, simply provide an engaging outline and let your ability as a presenter do the talking! No one wants to sound like the dreaded monotone-filled economics teacher from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Nathan suggests that when giving a presentation, use slides as supporting visuals and props to engage your audience with interesting points. That way they’ll keep their eyes peeled while you explain rather than squinting at minuscule font sizes!


5- Practice makes perfect: get started today!

If you want to be an effective public speaker, it’s time to get practicing! Repetition is key to success and confidence when giving your presentation. Nathan estimates he rehearsed his TEDx talk 100 times before the big day – but you don’t need a stage and spotlight; practice can come in many forms, from alone-time in your room or car through to getting ready with a shower singalong. Everyone has their style of perfecting that speech – find yours today!


6- Improve your Business with Customer Feedback

To become a pro at public speaking, practice is essential—but it doesn’t have to be all on your own. Getting in front of an actual audience will help build confidence and presentation skills – even if that’s just one person you know! Use their feedback afterward to hone what works for you and fine-tune anything less than perfect. If technology permits, record yourself as well; use this recording as “your audience”, listening back with constructive criticism for further improvement each time.


7- Never forget your lines again

Before going on stage, Lee had learned to plan her speech structure but give herself the freedom of speaking naturally. She was determined to begin and end strongly while sounding personable in between. Her words were not robotic or memorized word-for-word; she’d merely committed her opening and closing lines for extra emphasis. With a little preparation, Lee confidently spoke from the heart with poise – proving that there’s something powerful about feeling prepared yet leaving room for improvisation!


8- Join a club for entrepreneurs

Becoming an adept public speaker is no easy feat, yet with hard work and dedication it’s certainly achievable. Lee believes the key to success lies in getting as much real-life experience under your belt – which explains why he vouches for Toastmasters; a well-known organization consisting of 16,000+ clubs worldwide. Not only that but there are other options too – from meetups to workshops if you want more variety or feel like customizing your sessions with friends/colleagues!


During Your Speech


Preparation is key to feeling confident and ready, but it’s also important to have some strategies in place when the time comes. Taking all necessary steps prior can result in the positivity that carries one through any challenge one may face.


1- Get in the Zone for Increased Productivity

Before every presentation, Nathan embarks on a journey of self-reflection. He takes 10 minutes to himself and drinks some water as he contemplates his ‘stage mantra’ – “Use an expression to create possibility”. This strategy helps him get in the zone before stepping onto the stage, but he recommends everyone find a routine that works for them; what do they need to prepare mentally? It’s an essential part of being able to give your best performance.


2- Don’t bury your face in notes any longer

When Lee first began her speaking career, she stuck to a strict script. However, over time and with much practice she has since come to understand the importance of engaging directly with an audience – looking them in the eye as if having a real conversation instead of relying on written notes as crutches. Nowadays this is something that comes naturally to her; it’s how she became such an ace at public speaking!


3- Look your customer in the eye

Making a connection with your audience is vital for engaging in public speaking, and nothing encourages this more than eye contact. Lee believes the best way to accomplish that personal touch is to focus on one person at a time – as if you were delivering your speech directly to them instead of the wider group. Lock eyes for a few seconds before shifting onto another listener; it’ll create an intimate atmosphere in no time!



No need to take a robotic approach; there’s so much power in tapping into our knowledge and passion. To rise above the crowd with stellar presentations, begin by being intentional and taking time to plan well!


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