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Visme vs Google slide: which is the best for you?

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Companies everywhere are searching for the perfect Collaboration Software product to stay ahead of their competitors. With Visme and Google Slides both offering unique features, it can be hard to decide which works best for your business needs. By comparing each solution side by side users will have all the information they need to choose what’s right!

If you are trying to decide which presentation software is right for your needs, it’s worth taking a closer look at the scoring values. With Visme and Google Slides both boasting impressive scores – 8.8 and 8.9 respectively – user satisfaction also plays an important role with 96% approval from its users compared to 100% in favor of Google Slides’. Ultimately there’s no one-size fits all solution so take note of what matters most when selecting the perfect tool for you!


What is Google Slides?

Take your presentation game to the next level with an online editor! Create stunning presentations on Google Slides, without having to worry about saving changes – all done for you in the cloud. Use a range of templates or design something completely original – it’s easier than ever before!

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What is Google Slides used for

Google Slides offers a wide range of benefits to enhance your presentation! Enjoy unrestricted accessibility, with the ability to access from any device or location. Work collaboratively in real-time and never worry that changes won’t save – forget about pressing ‘save’ as Google takes care of it for you automatically.


What is Visme?

With Visme’s intuitive online tool, creating attractive visuals to engage and inform has never been easier! From its new user interface with over 40 content types, thousands of templates and additional visuals – there is something for everyone. Whether you need a report or a presentation; charts or flowcharts; social graphics or documents – the possibilities are endless! Get started now on your own eye-catching projects without require any design experience.


Visme is an easy-to-use online visual aid tool that can help you create dynamic and visually compelling presentions to better deliver your ideas. With its categorized templates, it makes crafting professional illustrations for a range of occupations quick and simple. This versatile platform goes beyond simply creating infographics; it also offers great opportunities in HR/recruitment, marketing & sales, internal communications as well as other businesses – making sure every project has the perfect template no matter what scenario or occasion!

Similarities: Google Slides and Visme


1 Share Files


Google Slides and other file sharing platforms grant users the power to effortlessly share their projects with a wider audience. With just one click, you can publish your project online for anyone in the world to peruse or even collaborate on!

Visme makes extensive collaboration easy and intuitive. With a single click of the Publish button, you can generate an accessible link that lets anyone view your project from anywhere in the world (or protect it with a password). On top of this, Visme for Teams offers editing capabilities so multiple users can work together on projects seamlessly!

2 Built-In Font Library


Crafting the perfect presentation? Let Visme and Google Slides lend a hand! Access hundreds of free fonts to fit your unique vision—simply click on any textbox in either platform for an array of typefaces at your fingertips.


3 Text Editor

Google Slides and Visme give users the freedom to edit their text however they want with features like line spacing, resizing boxes, filling colors and adjusting alignment. But one major perk that sets Visme apart is its newfangled text editor full of dazzling fonts for individual elements in a box – plus exciting animations! With these tools at your fingertips, you can let your words shine even brighter than before.

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4 Add animation and Interactivity

Looking to add a bit of life and interactivity to your slides? Look no further than Visme and Google Slides! Both platforms offer an expansive selection of animation effects that can be easily applied – just pick the effect in Insert Menu. With simple hyperlinking capabilities, you’ll also have ability to link between different slides for even more engaging presentations. And with Visme’s single timeline feature, editing each individual object has never been easier or simpler – take total control over how objects appear on any slide!


5 Embed Presentations

With Google Slides and Visme, users have the power to share their work with anyone around the world! Through just a few clicks of “Publish” or “Embed,” you can display your slide deck on any website or blog. Let everyone see what innovative ideas you have been crafting – no matter where they are located!

Differences: Google Slides and Visme


1 More Presentation Templates

When it comes down to the nitty-gritty of the two presentation software, Visme and Google Slides showcase a variety of options. With 39 templates on offer from Visme compared to 26 from its competitor, you can tailor your presentation exactly as you please with more than just content in mind – browse through visuals for inspiring ideas! It won’t take long before that pitch or book report looks like it was made by professional designers; all thanks to great themes organized according too visual styles at the click of button.

2 Create Visual Content

With Visme, users can go beyond simply creating presentations to crafting a variety of eye-catching visuals like infographics and resumes. Meanwhile, Google Slides enables collaboration using popular Drive tools such as Docs and Sheets but lacks the ability to produce more interactive visual content. (westchestermachinery)

Visme has an array of exciting features that make creating visually stunning graphics a breeze. With hundreds of beautiful templates and loads to choose from, users can quickly piece together enticing visuals for their social media or marketing campaigns with just a few simple clicks!

3 Built-In Icon Library

With Visme, you gain access to an expansive and easily searchable library of 6,000 high-quality vector icons in different styles – perfect for delivering powerful visual communication via presentations or infographics. With just a few clicks from the left toolbar’s Icon tool, these vectors can bring your ideas to life with customized elements that fit any project aesthetics.

4 Built-In Image Library

Visme provides a convenient way to give presentations with all the media options you need – no extra tab hopping required! With its full searchable image library of millions of photos, customize your presentation in seconds.

5 Password Protect files

Content creators understand the importance of privacy and security, so Visme offers a solution. You can password protect your project with just one click at the Publish button under their Share tab – giving you full control over who sees it. Google Slides also have similar options to keep files secure by only allowing certain people access – creating an environment that keeps users safe from unwanted viewers.

6 Embed Third-Party Content

With Visme, users are given the power to bring their presentations and designs to life with access to an array of interactive content. Whether it’s surveys, polls, quizzes or maps – you can easily embed third party sources into your projects without any technical know-how!

7 Generate Leads

With Visme, you can turn your presentations and slide decks into powerful lead generators! All it takes is a single click on the Publish button to activate their Requires Registration feature. From there, all viewers of your project will be prompted by a short form requesting information like names, companies emails and locations – resulting in an extensive list that can then be imported to leading CRM or newsletter software such as MailChimp or Salesforce. Generate leads effortlessly with this unbeatable tool today!

8 Analytics

Dive deeper into how your project is engaging audiences with Visme’s powerful analytics feature! With a few clicks of the hamburger menu, you can find out who has viewed your presentation and for how long. Plus, get insight on where they’re tuning in from so that you can gain valuable feedback to help keep improving your work.

9 Insert Animated Charts

Bring your data to life with the Charts and Graphs tool in Visme! With this powerful feature, you can go beyond basic Google Slides charts and create stunning visualizations of numerical information. (thelostgamer) Your graphs will be animated by default for an enhanced user experience – simply hover over a bar or segment to reveal its exact value!

10 Media Manager

Visme’s media manager not only helps you keep track of your precious digital assets, but it also empowers users to reuse these elements quickly and easily. All that is required is a simple click on the Image tool followed by selecting My Library from the panel – then boom! You’ll have access to all those images, icons and GIFs used in past projects at your fingertips.

11 Color Presets

With Visme, you can easily add a splash of color to any project and create stunning visuals in no time. Choose from an inspiring selection of 50 vibrant hues and styles – from elegant designs to more lively palettes – all with just one click!



Google Slides and Visme represent an exciting new wave of collaborative software that make it easier than ever to work effectively as a team. In addition, Visme stands out from the crowd by providing users with a powerful drag-and-drop visual creation tool so they can quickly create top quality content even when under time pressure.

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