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In the digital marketing landscape, the role of the user experience and user interface, UX/UI Designer is expanding. Therefore, to stand out in this competitive field, preparing an impressive UI/UX design portfolio is an essential key.  UI UX design portfolio is crucial because it showcases your creativity, problem-solving abilities, and design thinking. In this article, we introduce nine UX/UI designers and highlight their recent projects. By the way, if you need a UI/UX Design Service, our team can support you in any stage of your project.


What Is a UX/UI Design Portfolio?

A collection of work samples that showcases your proficiency as a UI/UX designer is called a ui ux design portfolio. Your user experience portfolio should clearly explain your experience and the process of the projects you worked on—research insights, concept sketches, wireframes, and prototypes. In addition, the best UX portfolio demonstrates the applicant’s ability to think critically and creatively solve problems. Furthermore, a UI designer’s portfolio is defined by your case studies and portfolio site, which includes an overview of your background and qualifications. Your case studies should showcase your visual design abilities, mental processes, and design approach, while your bio should briefly convey your personality.

These are all valuable components of a UX/UI designer, representing important skills for hiring managers to consider when selecting the ideal candidate. Because they give hiring managers an idea of your experience and skill set, a ui ux design portfolio is vital for job seekers. A candidate’s ability to fit the job requirements is determined by looking at the quality of their portfolio, which helps screen out candidates quickly (designlab).

9 UI/UX Design Portfolio Examples:

In our previous post, we explained about best PowerPoint designers from 9 freelancer platforms, emphasizing the top 3 in PowerPoint and presentation design. Each designer is recognized for their unique skills and creativity, promising to enhance presentations. Now, we are going to introduce their top works.


Caleb Barclay

caleb.barclay - UX -UI

Caleb Barclay is currently working to make homeownership more accessible with Dwellito. He is interested in the intersection of architecture and technology, specifically prefab construction and 3D printing. Before Dwellito, He spent time building products with talented folks at Figma, Coinbase, GoDaddy, and startups going from 0 to 1. He loves helping founders/startups go from 0 to 1 and finding product-market fit (PMF). Some of his projects are Mini-office, design systems, and motion, side projects. You can touch Caleb on LinkedinFacebook or Twitter  – website.

Here you can see some examples from his portfolios:


Sanja Kajfeš

Sanja Kajfeš - UX -UI

With more than ten years of experience, Sanja is a highly competent visual and UI/UX designer. Her expertise ranges from digital to print design, but her primary focus is on producing intuitive, practical, and eye-catching designs that improve the user experience overall. Because of her love for design, she has been able to work on a wide variety of projects and with customers from all over the world, including cutting-edge startups and well-established industry heavyweights. Some of his projects include a game dashboard, Employee Collaboration & Management App. You can touch Sanja at https://dribbble.com/sanjakajfes.

Here you can see some examples from her portfolios:



Frédéric Savioz

Frédéric Savioz - UX - UI


Frédéric Savioz has more than 10 years of experience and excellent knowledge of print production. He’s led teams in design and production, showcasing a talent for creative excellence. Frédéric is great at explaining creative concepts to clients and teams.

He’s skilled in graphic software like InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator, and knows Cinema4d, Flash, and After Effects. Frédéric is passionate about design and problem-solving. He understands how interactivity and the web work, and he’s familiar with motion design and platforms like Flash, Ajax, and Flex. Some of his projects are  Sophas , IOE, LISA. Cobweb.

You can touch Frédéric at https://www.behance.net/fsavioz/resume.

Here you can see some examples from his portfolios:



Karthick C.

Karthick Chandrasekaran - UX - UI


Karthick Chandrasekaran experienced various career opportunities that led to his personal growth and self-reflection. With McKinsey & Company, he not only found his niche in presentation but also honed his interests in customer service and supply chain management. His term at McKinsey taught him the importance of a customer-first mindset and effective account management. He co-founded “Visual Sculptors”, a design agency specializing in Microsoft PowerPoint presentations, he now serves as Client Director. Responsibilities include client acquisition, management, account planning, and maintaining service quality. Beyond sales, he prioritizes creating positive client experiences and nurturing relationships.

Some of his projects are Pitch Deck for perform.AI, Drug Report for White Paper, and so on.

You can touch Karthick C. on https://linktr.ee/VisualSculptors , and  https://www.linkedin.com/in/karthick-chandrasekaran-096943116/

Here you can see some examples from his portfolios:





Deborah J.

Debbie Johnson - UX - UI - Design

Debbie Johnson is a highly experienced freelance PowerPoint Presentation Specialist with over 16 years of global client service. She has special talent from generating captivating presentations aligned with client goals to providing design consultation and innovative template designs. Debbie previously served as the Creative Department Director in Boston, MA, where she gained valuable experience in her role. She offers a comprehensive set of skills, including attention to detail, grammar competence, and effective communication, ensuring client satisfaction and project success. Clients appreciate her genuine care and collaborative approach. Her new job in progress are Tour Book Presentation Design, ERL Slide Redesign, Presentation cleanup, and improvement. For inquiries, Debbie can be contacted at debbiejohnsonppt@gmail.com.

Here you can see some examples from her portfolios :

The resolution of her work was too low in the portfolio. If you’d like to see more, you can contact her through Upwork.





Courtney Allen

Courtney Alle - UX - UI - Design

Courtney Alle is the founder of 16X9 design agency and courting adventure. She experienced a wide range of creativity and adventure, from solo journeys across the world to ghostwriting for renowned travel bloggers. These experiences made her craft clever solutions in the face of adversity. Her famous clients are Coca-Cola- Adidas, Microsoft, Meta, Adobe, Linkedin, Visa and so on.
You can touch on Courtney Allen at https://www.16x9design.com/


Here you can see some examples from her portfolios:





Josh N.

Josh N. - UX - UI - Design

With a focus on digital marketing, brochure design, logo creation, and copywriting, Josh N. offers a versatile skill set to transform your ideas into captivating presentations. He is an experienced and knowledgeable Marketing and Presentation Specialist with a portfolio of over 50 clients and 200+ presentation projects completed in the last 3 years.

Some of his projects are A pitch Deck for Walkbye, Crypto Sales Deck, Modern Pitch Deck for LifeCoin

You can touch on Josh N. at https://www.fiverr.com/joshngenda

Here you can see some examples from his portfolios:





Mak - UX - UI - Design

Equipped with proficiency in design software like Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, alongside Microsoft PowerPoint and Office, He is adept at translating concepts into visually impactful representations. His attention to detail and strong communication skills ensure seamless collaboration and execution of projects.

Some of his projects are Green Energy, Lost and Found Book, ColdPlay Concert Billboard, Open Mic Session Flyer and so on. You can touch on Mak at https://www.fiverr.com/makgraphic72

Here you can see some examples from his portfolios:





Waleed - UX - UI - Design

His expertise lies in Photoshop editing, Adobe Photoshop, Graphic Design, and Microsoft PowerPoint. These skills, honed over 6 years of practice and dedication, enable him to create visually stunning presentations and captivating designs that leave a lasting impression.


Here you can see some examples from his portfolios:






 In conclusion, a UX/UI design portfolio indicates the depth of one’s creativity and innovation. When a client decides to entrust their work to someone, the first step is often reviewing their portfolio. A more attractive and innovative portfolio makes the decision easier for the client. Each showcased designer brings a unique blend of skills, experiences, and perspectives to the table, demonstrating the multifaceted nature of UI/UX design. With the increasing digital landscape and expanding marketing avenues, the demand for UX/UI design has increased, indicating high competitiveness among brands and designers alike. Therefore, as a UX/UI designer, it is crucial to craft a creative and appealing portfolio to stand out in this competitive landscape.

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